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I can not wait for this holiday season to be over. I am tired of people telling me I need to decorate and put up a Christmas tree. I am not in the mood for Christmas much like having decorations up in my home. I get it, you think it is important for my 19 month old to be able to celebrate Christmas at home. I think it is important for my daughter to have a mother who can survive the holiday. So just respect my decision not to put up a freaken tree. I am doing good to have bought Christmas presents, which I was not going to do originally. She will have toys to play with on Christmas day, trust me she won't remeber that this year there was no tree. Yes I know Danny wanted her to have a tree, but you know what he is not here, so he does not get to have what he want.

If he was with us we would have had a Christmas tree, lights wrapped gifts and a amazing Christmas. He would have put together her toys and watched as she unwrapped them and played. But none of that is going to happen, he is gone and not coming back. So just let me deal the best way I can and telling me what I need to do for my daughter. I am doing the best that I can right now, and if the only thing my daughter has to complain about when she is older, is that she did not have a Christmas tree this year than I can live with that.

Ok vent over. Just needed to get that out without hurting the people in my life.

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