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Missing You...


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The cemetery my daughter is at is just down the road from my house so I see it often...almost everyday.   Her headstone can be seen from the road...and at night I have two solar lights that shine over her grave...so never do we pass it without a wave, a little "hello" or the thought about how we miss you so....


Salty tears sting my face

Sundry emotions begin to race

I miss you so

Why did you have to go

When my heart is wary

I come to this quiet cemetery

Standing beside your grave

Trying to be strong and brave

I touch your name engraved in stone

Somehow I feel so alone

Through my mortal heartache

I know God makes no mistakes

During my solace visit

I smile and reflect a bit

One day in Heaven we'll be

Together again and happy

By C Sweigart

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Beautiful Shellbellsmom and in memory of all our loved ones this Memorial Day. I visited my son's grave yesterday early in the morning when it first opened. The still and quietness was so beautiful and peaceful. Nothing moved but my tears...


Thanks for your beautiful post that matched my feelings perfectly,

Peace, Kay

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