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It's been a funny year, and I haven't seen any butterflies, really..just a couple , all summer. The flowers out in my yard are usually covered..but not a single one until about a week ago..the first one I'd seen. Then yesterday, another one.

I have been feeling kind of down lately..as you probably can tell, and last night i saw a post someone had sent around about the legend of the butterfly...and i thought "well that explains it, then. If they are the messengers that carry your love between here and heaven...I guess I just can't see them anymore, either." (Have been really feeling awfully sorry for myself lately, I guess.

Now, I told you that story to tell you this one! :)

I went outside today, during my lunch break, to sit and relax in the cool afternoon sunshine, and smoke my cigarette. As I was sitting there..a butterfly flew up and fluttered around a bit close by. Out loud, I actually said

"Well since you're here..when you have the time, could you fly to wherever my Dennis is hanging around these days, and tell him that I love him? You might be just a butterfly, but maybe those old legends are true. I want him to know that I miss him."

At that very moment..suddenly there were hundreds of them! They flew all around me , lighting on my jacket, my hair , my face..my outstretched hands....and I laughed in absolute joy, for the first time in a long , long time! So many of them, and so beautiful! For a moment or two they were there..and then they all flew away off across the field behind the building and into the woods by the creek, and they were gone.

I turned around , and asked the older lady who was just getting out of her car,-

"Did you see that? Wasn't that amazing? They were so beautiful!"

She was smiling, and nodded her head.

" That's a sign that someone in heaven loves you, and is thinking about you" she said, as she turned to watch the last of them fly into the trees.

Now, you make up your own mind about what to think of that. I don't even care if you believe it's true. It happened , just the way I told it. It could be just a coincidence.that they showed up at the right time. they are probably migrating southwards..and just happened to like the color of my jacket..maybe the denim made them think of flowers, or maybe my cologne attracted them to me, briefly. I still can feel the funny whispery feeling of their wings hitting my face and my hands, and the scratchy feeling of their feet on my skin, too! I've never had that many fly over and land on me before..not in numbers like that! One has done it now and again, and it's always wonderful..like a warm bit of magic. One of you may even have a perfectly mundane explanation of why they would do that, and i would really like to know, if you do. I'm sure it has happened to other people. It's the serendipity of the event that amazes and delights me.

And -the belief that ,sometimes, magic comes to you, when you call.

This is the post from my facebook page. I know it's weird, and some people won't believe it...it doesn't matter, really. Just wanted to share for those who may be helped by it, like i was.

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Oh Silvergirl, I believe it, my husband has come to me in the most unexpected ways. Beautiful story

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