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the 'last hoorah'


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Hi Everyone. I am new to this forum so please bear with me.

My Grandma was rushed to hospital last Thursday - very quickly the doctors figured out that she has blood clots in her lungs and more moving up from her legs, secondary cancer in her liver and a primary cancer somewhere else.

As she was so weak they said there was nothing they could do, and gave her 1 or 2 days to live.

Naturally my sister and I, my mum and dad and my aunts and uncles rushed over to see her.

On sunday evening she seemed very weak, wasn't eating, drinking or talking and could barely open her eyes. A lot of us had to go back to work, so my mum and dad stayed with us and the rest of us said very tearful goodbyes, thinking that would be the last time we saw her.

Amazingly now over a week past and she is still with us. After spending most of the week asleep, yesterday my mum said she opened her eyes and spoke a few words, and even ate some ice cream!

None of us know what to do or to think - is this the 'last hoorah' you hear about when people suddenly get better before they finally go, or is she gettting better?

I just don't know how to cope - has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks for your time, Sx

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Srabird, I am sorry I didn't see this post earlier, or I would have answered. Doctors never know for sure when the time will exactly come. I've heard of people having a rally of energy before passing. My mother-in-law did, but my father did not. How are things with you and your family? How is your grandmother? I wish you the best--ModKonnie

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