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Hey all my BI friends...the job is great and I really love it.  Teaching is different from the Operating room but I will tell you, I have to be organized, and on mark...it's really helped me focus and have a schedule.

16 months has just passed and it still feels like yesterday.  Actually tonight I had just got home from work and all of a sudden the house shook....someone crashed head-on into the tree at the corner.

I ran out, saw it was a jeep i know....one of my kids (that's what i call them) my god it was Anthony's friend...Anthony and Eric who lives two houses from me, i ran over and they had come around the corner so fast, smashed head on into the tree.  Anthony's airbag went off and he is a big boy and Eric hit the windsheild...no airbag and is pretty banged up.  They kinda came around and looked at me and said...Gemma's mom....i was like. what the heck are u guys doing..have been drinking...no...he said his brakes did not work.  And they were not drinking, the curve they took is very tight and alot of dirt and they were driving to fast. 

It was a weird feeling, then Anthony's mom saw me and she came over shaking and hugged me saying i am so sorry for my Anthony....i was like...don't worry about me, Anthony is okay...and then she just was in shock.  I then ran to Eric's house and got his father...he was on his way to the hospital.

Anyway it was weird but the are okay and I saw a police officer I knew and we talked for a bit and he just said how sorry he was for all the stuff I am dealing with and just was very nice.

So i don't know...it' s okay.  Claudia...my friend from Ecuador...((HUGS)), pattie and all I hope ur all okay and i will check back this weekend.



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