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distressing day


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We had a really upsetting experience this morning which shook me up for the whole day. My husband was taking me to a dental appointment early this morning. Just before we left I heard a siren in the distance but it didn’t seem to pass our house. Since Simon’s motorcycle accident I dread the sound of any emergency vehicle passing. We had just left the house and at the top of the road we could see the flashing lights of the ambulance and traffic queuing up. We couldn’t see any cars involved but it was obvious that someone was being treated on the ground. The police hadn’t arrived and the first people on the scene were directing cars through. My husband told me not to look as we passed. Unfortunately this was only yards down the road from where Simon had lost his life. As soon as we passed I could no longer hold back the tears and broke my heart. Stephen immediately decided to turn around and go home. We were both deeply distressed.

I had not gone to Simon at the time of the accident and always imagine the scene that day. Stephen was there and held his hand as they worked on him. To see a real accident there today was too much to take. Ironically the 2 people I recognised at the scene were the father of the first lady to assist Simon and the lady that my husband was talking to when he had the message that Simon was involved in an accident. The second lady’s husband had come off his push bike and gone over the handlebars. He was taken to hospital by air ambulance. We heard this evening that he had broken his shoulder,pelvis and some ribs. He was lucky too that he was wearing a helmet.

We pass the scene of Simon’s accident every day but I was totally unprepared for this. My arms and legs were aching and felt weak for hours. This terrible journey takes you 3 steps forward then 6 back.

Sorry for going on just needed to talk.

Love to you all

Avril xxx          

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