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Completely Lost and need HELP!!


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I am new to this forum and this site. I came here seeking support for a brand new divorce. As a matter of fact it isn't even final yet.

My wife of 3+ years took my son and all of their things from our house last October 5th and moved to her parents house with no apparent reason or any sort of notice or anything. She just up and left while I was at work. I guess I would have found out about this when I got home to an empty house but our mobile carrier sent a text to me to let me know a passcode had been placed on our account. This was obviously not my doing so I called her to find out why she had done this. It was then that she informed me that her and her parents had been to the house and moved all of their things (hers and my sons) out to her parents house. Obviously I was completely distraught and begged her to meet with me and talk about this before she made such a permanent move. She refused and told me that she had filed for divorce and I wasn't to contact her or my son for a minimum of 3 weeks.

I made a phone call and within the next 30 minutes I had all of my family members at my house as well as my best friend. We discussed what had happened and tried to get in touch with my wife or inlaws to find out what was going on and what I could do to see my son. I mean he was there that morning and gone by the afternoon. I had never had a day apart from my 2 year old and I know he was thoroughly confused as to where daddy was.

Long story short, my wife has still yet to give me a reason why this happened beside she thought I talked mean to her sometimes and she didn't like that I wouldn't take advice from her parents about how to best handle our money. The money that was coming from my job because she was unable to keep her teaching job due to too many parent complaints. She sat at home and didn't even attempt to find a job for over a year and a half. Our savings was depleted and I was working all I could to help us stay above water only to come home and find her gone!

I feel today just as if this happened yesterday. I am in a complete dark hole and I can't take off any work to seek more help. Can anyone help?

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