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Three weeks


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Three weeks have passed. Hard to believe. You remember Murphy's Rule? It has hit me a lot. Learning so much about myself for example, a person grieving should not even thing about doing plumbing. Trust me people don't go there!!

Was recommended to a therapist, the receptionist told me we have to work around them not my work schedule and that they only had room to treat two of us. Ok who do I leave out? Found another place.

The kids and I are communicating which is good. Sleep is still on and off for all of us. Still no word on the cause of death.

Money, lets just say very tight. Haven't bought the kids anything for Easter. They say they are ok with that, but I am not ok with it. Just hopping I will find something left in the stores tomorrow.

Returned to work it does help to get my mind off it, but then when you least expect it, wham it catches up to you.

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It sounds as though you have a positive approach to what life is dealing you.

I'm glad work does help. You will have to share your plumbing experience sometime, :).

We will be here for you,


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