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"Hello from Heaven" - my novel to help coping with a suicide


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novella inspired by true events.

I am a 20 year old author of 3 books. This novella is inspired by true events, based on my own experiences of losing a friend to suicide last October. So far, it has had praise of teaching the most valuable lessons on life and death, friendship and family, and how to overcome all adversities. I wrote it to help and inspire others who have struggled like I have, and who have been left behind by those we loved. I am trying to work with suicide prevention programs to donate the proceeds everytime HfH is sold.


"In San Luis Obispo, California, high school student Alexa Van Buren is a seventeen year old girl suffering under a neglectful drug-using mother. Estranged from her father and depressed because of her broken family, “Lexi” is forced to take on the motherly role and care for her younger seven year old sister. Then suddenly her childhood friend, Jaden, takes his own life and Lexi falters under the five stages of grief as she mourns his untimely death. But only days after his suicide, Jaden somehow messages Lexi online, asking her to stop his brother from committing an immoral feat that would surely ruin him. Lexi is then thrust into a near-impossible mission as she tries to expose the conspiracy of the suicide while also risking her own life as she tries to save the brother Jaden left behind. Described as"touching", "marvelous", "beautiful in every word," and "literature that gives hope to the angels," Hello from Heaven will leave you breathless as its lovable characters and heart-wrenching conflicts preach the vital morals on life, death and how to overcome when the two are mixed."



I hope and pray my words can help a life or two.

Thank you for reading. Keep smiling.

-Haylee Graham


@hayleegeebooks on Twitter

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Warm greetings Haylee!

Thank you for apprising us of your writing talents! That is much appreciated! I wish you every success in the world with the added prayer that suicides may be stopped as more people worldwide get to know of the horrible tragedy they inevitably leave behind for others as well as for the soul of those who commit suicide.

Here's my prayer that many will read your books and that you will be inspired to write many more for all to enjoy reading and learn from its message.

And indeed I also send you a big and warm "Hello from Heaven" as that is the true home land of our soul and spirit!

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