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I lost my one and only brother in May 2012. He was 35. I just feel so lonely at the moment. Im hoping that by just writing down it may help me in some way.

I feel like I cant really talk to my parents. As dont want them to worry, when they are dealing with losing their son. My husband tries but he just seems to say the wrong thing bless him.

Thankfully my two kids make everything easier. And have been a real help for my parents. Take our minds off reality I suppose.

We lost him to alcohol abuse and wondered if anyone else has suffered the same type of loss?

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Kelly...I don't know exactly how you feel...I know everyone's grief is different...

..but my son died August 3 at age 46...a victim of pancreatic cancer..He had a history of heavy drinking, but he had joined AA and at the time of his diagnosis had just gotten to the point that he no longer craved the alcohol. He was glad that his drinking days were over. He said that several times..There is no telling how he would have reacted to the news that he had cancer if he had still been drinking.

His brother and sister were hit hard....there is now a hole in the family which will never be filled. He was the oldest and had always been in their lives..now they feel at loose ends..How will they get thru the death of my husband and me without Chip there to be part of the mourning. They feel lost.

He and his brother, Kirk, were/are both musicians and the music is helping Kirk to get thru it. Even though it's been almost 6 months, there is still a lot pain that Kirk is having to deal with.

His sister, Candy, is doing fairly well, but she is a NICU nurse and sees a lot of sickness/death with the babies..It can be trying for her.

Losing anyone in a family is difficult, but losing a sibling, no matter what the circumstances of their death...is pain like no other.

I hope you are beginning to heal...

Come here often..Pour out your grief...Sometimes just writing about it helps, and there are a lot of gracious people who can help you get thru it all.

Love and hugs to you.

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