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My conversation with Father Time on this New Year


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I was hurting this morning and became angry toward 'time' because I removed the old calendar on the laundry room wall to be replaced by a new one. The old calendar had all what transpired over the course of the year as we fought the monster, along with the scratched off plans we had in place prior to her ordeal. In the new one I noticed that she had already noted things we were to do this year, our wedding date, our honeymoon trip, when to begin the seedlings in the greenhouse, highlighting birth dates and certain holidays (Valentine's, Halloween and Christmas she loved), etc. Seeing all that was taken from us last year and for the years to come the anger in me grew till I thought I could no longer contain it.

Then, in a blink of an eye, a thought surfaced that I swear originated from my Kellie because she had a knack to see things from a different perspective.

'You are looking at it wrong'.

This is what manifested from that single simply thought.

Time, you are such a fickle creature

You can bring hope as well as ruin

You can heal but can hurt deeply too

In time you brought true love to me

brought my soul mate to me

I am so grateful

In too short of a time you took her away from me

You took time away from us

Anything we wanted to do, to say

there wasn't enough time

there never is

I detest you

You play your game

Making the time we had together

rush along until it was gone in a blink of an eye

Now you make my time away from her

crawl by so damn slowly

I despise you

With every grain of sand that falls for you

You distance me further from my Love

It feels like time long ago since I last saw her,

last spoke to her,

last touched her,

last heard her,

last kissed her

I hate you

Ah, but see, it has dawned on me

This is where you are also kind while you are cruel

For I know that you, my vile opponent

Are also bringing me ever more closer

To the one I love

This time, you,

my cursed enemy,

my blessed friend,

I will be reunited with my love

Once and for all

for time eternal

Thank you

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Who would have ever thought changing calendars would hurt so bad! Bad day.

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