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Feel abandoned and angry


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I lost my Mom in June after a short battle with lung cancer. I took care of her in my home with Hospice support.

Her death was very horrific and traumatic.

Even as I was caring for her I didn't feel much support from some of my frineds, even my childhood friend who I have been friends with since we were 8 years old (I am 46 now).

When it all happened with my Mom I was still working, I have 3 kids and I was doing what I could for my Mom. My husband was supportive.

I have anger at my "friends" for not really being there before OR after.

Some said they were coming to visit my mom and didn't show up.

Nobody cooked a meal of offerd to let me get a nap..nothing.

I'm the type person who had been there for them for YEARS over far less than the death of a parent and when i needed them they weren't there.

Two days ago was the 6 month anniversary of my Mom's death and I posted on facebook that it was still hard and I was having a really rough time with the holidays and not ONE of my friends even replied. Not even my husband. Acquaintances posted nice things....but not my friends who weere posting other inane things but couldn't take two seconds to offer a word of comfort

Am i being petty? I feel like people just get sick of you being sad and think you should "move on".

I'm angry and I hate it.

I put alot of energy into feeling resentful and I know it's just hurting me, but I can't seems to stop. I try to let it go but most days I am So mad.

I don't know where the line is between depression and giref lies, but I think I may have crossed it.

I just seem to hate the world and I miss my mom and it feels like nobody cares. Even my kids and husband.

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I understand your every feeling. No one seems to care; not even a call or visit. It's like we don't exist or as you stated they are tired of us being sad and we should just move on. I call them they either don't/won't answer or say let me call you back and it's days, weeks, or not at all. I lost my Momma October 9, 2011 and I still miss her sooooo much. Words will NEVER be able to express the LOVE I have for my Momma nor how much I truly miss her. But what I have learned over these lonely months, PRAYER and listening to gospel helps me. I know that the ONLY FRIEND and EVERYTHING I need GOD is right here with me. Sometimes I feel depressed as to question why am I alive, what can I do with my life, and talking to a professional is an option; but I can honestly say it has NOT helped me. My grieving process has not yet begun because of more devestating circumstances. But I am still holding on and hanging in there. That is the main reason I lean on God, because I believe God put me on this earth for a far more better life than what the present situation is "It's only temporary!" I hope this helps you and if you want to write me I would love to correspond with you.

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