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Lost my big sister in april 2012 cant move on


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Hi I am new here lost my sister 6 months ago lung cancer. I am married with two teenagers and at the moment just seem unable to motivate myself. I just sit in front of television every day unable to do daily chores etc. I tell my self every day that tomorrow will be better but its not happening. My children are feeling this although they have been kind and patient my husband has been helpful also.

My sister was ill for about 6 months before she died I spent most days with her helping her and her children taking her to the hospital apps etc. It was very difficult time to see a beautiful 45yrs disappear in such a short time. She was very good looking with a beautiful figure and to see the illness take over was very painful for all. I miss her but I really need to start getting on with my own life which has come to a stop not sure how I can do this.

Hoping someone might have suggestions



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Hi, Annmaria,

So sorry for your loss and your pain.

It really seems there's no easy answers for moving forward. Counselling and group meetings have helped quite a few people here. I had to take meds for about a year after my husband passed away. You were so involved in your sister's life at the end and it must have been so hard to lose her But it's okay to live again. She would want you to..

I hope reading here and sharing will let you know you are not alone.


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