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Fine and not so Fine Art


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Something else came to mind,

Anybody soothed by visual media? I've found myself drawn to the stone lithography of Michael Parkes, because it takes me out of myself. If I want reality, I can look out the window and dial 911. I like Pre-Raphaelites, or anything that is dreamy and symbolic, and picture myself in the artwork. Whatever you like, Realism, Surrealism, Old Masters, New masters, or even Dutch Masters, if it helps, look at it. From the sublime to the ridiculous, whatever works.

One thing I have, which never fails to crack me up, is a book of rejected cartoons from the New Yorker. You know, the sort of thing that editors rule out as being offensive, politically incorrect, I've got responsibilities...etc. It is a scream...well, at least to me. I'll take humor wherever I can find it. It's nice to know I can still laugh. What song was it "I've Got To Laugh to Keep from Crying." This is a quiz. Any other ide



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