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Susanne's Story - 35000km walk for her cause


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Susanne's Story:

In 2011 Susanne and Linda decided to visit downunder from Holland both hoping for the time of their lives. Two beautiful young girls in their early twenties.

Before they arrived in Australia, neither one knew each other. The girls soon became the best of friends and quickly made plans to see the country together.

Early the following year fate would bring Rhys and Susanne into the same house in Melbourne and they became lovers.

By February, the girls left for Western Australia lured by work and adventure.

Tragically, on March 3rd 2012 at 2:15pm on a dangerous stretch of dirt highway just outside of the Town of Esperence a van struck the girl's vehicle from side on. Susanne died instantly from the impact.

When paramedics arrived Linda was thought to have died also, but miraculously regained her vital signs and was rushed to intensive care.

Linda spent a long time in hospital suffering from a punctured lung, broken ribs, fractured pelvis and collarbone. She was unable to fly home due to her delicate condition.

Police decided to arrest Linda for Dangerous Driving on suspicion of causing Susanne's death. Linda was unable to remember the events leading up to the accident. This made her case a difficult one.

Fortunately for Linda, in August 2012. A number of Residents of the town came forward in court and testified that the road was extremely dangerous. It was later found the cause of the accident was a stop sign obscured by a tree. The girls had failed to see it.

Linda was found Not Guilty!

The medical and legal bills alone amount to over One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars.

Rhys and Sam are walking and working to help support families who have been victims of similar incidents, including loss of their loved ones and to help raise awareness on being safe while driving on Australia's roads.

The boys walk for Susanne and hope she hasn't died without her memory helping to prevent another tragedy.


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