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Healing is in YOU


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My name is Inga Krastina and I am offering my services to help people on their grief and healing journey.

I am an EFT practitioner and specialize in helping people who have lost a child. I am facilitator for their healing, for accessing their inner strength and wisdom to find meaning in what had happened,make sense of it and find joy in their lives again.

I have lost my son when he was 11 and have done a lot of healing work since. Now I feel the call and am passionate to help others and I am confident I have tools and processes that allow me to do that.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, or simply speaking –tapping. It is tapping on energy meridian points in the body and has its roots in the use and development of Chinese medicine – acupuncture and acupressure.These techniques are used to restore energy flow in the body. When we experience trauma or any negative events, the energy flow is disrupted and it results in emotional or behavioural problems. Tapping on meridian points is used to unblock the energy.

The loss of a child is so unnatural that it is considered probably the highest trauma humans can experience. The stress is huge. Even simple tapping is able to reduce this stress, make a person calmer, more accepting of themselves and what’s happening. It is a great tool to use to help people in grieving and healing process.

Research shows that energy psychology often works when nothing else does. It is the most efficient process for creating rapid change and effectively treating emotional and behavioural issues.

I am willing to talk to anyone who is inspired in taking action in their healing. During introductory talk we will see if we are able to work together and I offer one session for free without any further obligations if you decide that its not for you. Even if you dont want further work with me, I may be able to suggest tools that you can easily apply yourself.

Please, contact me through skype (my ID peace_in_me) or email: ingakrastina@peaceinme.co.uk

Please, sign up on my website: www.peaceinme.co.uk for free audio and tapping script that is specifically designed for healing the loss and will help to reduce stress.

All the resources, healing and wisdom is already in YOU, and I am able to help to access that.



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I took a class on alternative medicine in college and spent a great deal of time learning about EFT. I was amazed by how well it works and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for sharing.

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