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It's just all unfair


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It's almost been a month and I still can't accept the reality that they are gone. I just want my two best friends back, it's all unfair this has to happen.

I have talked about it with my therapist and he assigned me homework to write a goodbye letter to Briggs and Junior. I admit haven't written it yet because it just feels like I'm going to leave them out of my life all the sudden. I just wish that one day I wake up from this awful dream and find them downstairs ready to go outside and walk around in the grass happily with them.

Our new puppy is adjusting well, but i have a hard time not thinking about the other two when I look at him. He has the same fur color and both of them surprisingly along with the chopped ears like Briggs and stubbornness as Junior. 

I am going through a lot of stuff at the moment. I'd always go to them to help feel better and take a nap with them, but I've lost that all now. I lost a lot of myself from this all.

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I am so sorry for your loss!  It's the hardest thing in the world.  
In your letter, tell them "See ya later" or "So long."  Not goodbye.  It won't be goodbye, it'll seem a long while on our end but on their's they are happily playing while waiting for us to join them.

6 hours ago, ParkerDaggett said:

i have a hard time not thinking about the other two when I look at him.

I had the same when I adopted my pup Kodie after Arlie passed...I made a conscious ever not to compare but it was so hard, everything about Arlie died with him, his goofiness, the way he walked by my side, my big boy, he could hold me up when I was getting a rock out of my shoe.  Kodie is little (Arlie 7 times bigger), not goofy, but very attentive and in tune with my emotions, he's my service dog and emotional support.

Keep giving your pup a chance, just observe him and see what qualities he brings to you.  They are all so unique

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