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Waiting for cause of death to be found


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My 15 month baby boy died suddenly & unexpectedly in his sleep on November 5th. I'm lost & still can't quite believe he's gone. I'm really struggling to comprehend how he could be his usual happy little self one minute & gone the next. I desperately feel like I need answers as to why this happened. The post mortem was inconclusive so lots of further tests & investigations are being carried out which can take 6-9 months to complete & even then I know we may not get answers. Can anybody else who has been in this situation tell me how long it took for results to come back & whether a cause of death was found? Thank you 

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Dear Alexsmummy, I am so sorry for your loss. It is incomprehensible also to me, from a purely 'physical-medical-scientific' perspective.

And I also don't know where to even start for us to start finding any "reasonable or sane" answers for our own questions and 'questing and seeking', even if we do have or find the strength/courage/bravery to go access (or go try to access) other metaphysical planes and dimensions.

I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry for your loss, and I do feel you. And I hope that, even if I don't, you'll find some of the answers that will help you to feel...help you to feel like you're still okay (and Comforted, Protected and Supported) on Earth.   Ronni

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