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20189 lost my dad and grandma


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in 2018 I lost my dad on feb and than a few months later, my grandma died. They were my biggest supporters. My dad passed away from an aggressive brain tumor and my grandma turned 100. I feel and probably don't have any support because my mom and her side are controlling and narcissistic. My sister takes my mom's side and I feel like garbage now. My whole life my mom was controlling me. I moved an hr away from her. I don't wanna deal with any drama or negativity but of course I don't  drive, never learned to and noone where I  living is willing to help me move. I have high anxiety and depression. I have my emotional support dog that helps me but she constantly barks but im getting her trained as a therapy dog so I can take her with me everywhere I go. My mom and my sister aren't fond of any animal and I just think my sister got a puppy when I did. She wants to put a shock collar on the teacup puppy and going to kill her dog if she does. 

my mom I don't think never liked my dad when he wad alive and she doesn't like him and his side of his family either which is killing me every day. She trash talks him when. I bring it up. I wasn't allowed to grieve because of her. It's hard to when I am in a situation and wish my dad was here. My mom and my stepmom get along but I call bullcrap cause my mom is all fake to you but talks **** behind your back. Even my sister is fake right now. I'm the real one. Everyone treats me Ike I'm a 2 yr Old who can't take care of herself in her own home. If I don't have anyone to helpe I have to have my mom and my sister help me and it is killing me really bad. I just think that people are so selfish and don't wanna help someone in need. Like me. I got laughed at by my mom when someone helped me. It was horrible. No one understands what it is like to grow up with a narcissistic mom who is controlling. When. I moved to be near my dad, my mom would call the cops on me and just harrass me and lie to the cops. I feel like I gotta have permission every time from my social worker if I wanna do stuff and my caregiver helps me. I AM NOT THAT STUPID AND HANDICAPPED! but it must be people aren't compassionate enough for others. My manager isn't doing her job. And is bullying me and on my case about me and my dog. I want this to stop. 

when i moved here i got bullied by a husband and wife who are so intimidating that i had to pay for their supper and my supper and i didnt have any food for a week. He kept asking me for more money.  He called me names and all that. I'm not a bank. It hurts me that I can't go to my best friends house for church because he is there. I guess some people don't realize the damage they are causing me. I got bullied again by this girl who went to the same church as me and she was my pastors daughter in law. I am not going now. Haven gone there for awhile because this girl found me on my social media told me to leave her alone and called me entitled. 

I've been thru too much and I'm damaged abd broken down. I hate bullies and mostly are in my family. I hate getting treated and taken advantage of and it's not fair. 

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