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We lost our 34 yr old daughter unexpectedly

Becky W

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This is a recent picture of our daughter, Lauran Ashley H. We got a phone call from Will, father of her 10 month old baby.  He blurted out, “Lauran is dead. The maintenance man found her next to the dumpster, she’s dead.” This is our worst nightmare. She left behind our two grandsons, aged 10 mos, and 13 yr. old. Lauran and baby tested positive for cocaine. She has never had cocaine as a drug of choice for her. She said must have been laced in marijuana joint. Baby daddy is cocaine user. Lauran had a problem with huge amounts of marijuana gummies, taking 640 mg at one time, while she and children were staying with us. We gave her multiple chance, like always. She took gummies three times in 5 days. Her13 yr old son was having to almost carry her up and down front steps so she could go out to smoke cigarettes. That was final straw. We had to make her return to her apartment. She wasn’t allowed to take children per Department of Human Services. We were safety monitor for kids. 
She lied to DHS, telling them we are a flight risk, we weren’t letting her see the baby, and that we wanted him for ourselves. All totally 100% untrue. She knew that was best way to hurt us the most. She was right. We were actually going through grief type feelings. We had him from NICU release, hospitalization for RSV, including ICU days. 
Lauran came to see him one time. We suggested she stay the night. She declined. 
She was still working with DHS, but was not meeting all their requirements. She never got to have baby at her apartment. Baby Daddy is around 60 yrs old is major alcoholic and does drugs. He is also known for committing domestic violence, on old DHS records. We are very traumatized. We have 13 yr old with us.

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