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My elder sister passed away a year ago and I can't get over it


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I had a friend who was so close to me that I considered her as my elder sister, she passed away due to illness a year ago. Days before it happened I came to her country to hoping to meet her, but she needed serious treatment so she flied abroad. I did not know what was her last word for me. They said time heals everything but I feel the same as it happened yesterday.

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anna frozen

Anna....I am truly sorry for your loss...for your heartache and sorrow. I want you to know that the people on this site understand completely what you are going through...the immense pain....as I do too...my wife of 23 years passed on Aug 11. And I am in deep grief and sorrow over it daily... The wonderful people here will share with you and comfort you...as they have wonderfully done with me.

I will pray now for you...and lift you up to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,....to bless, help and heal you. 

God bless you!! Your friend, 




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My older sister passed away a year and a half ago. The pain is echoing and sometimes my chest is a web of tight aches. I still get nightmares about her death. I have flashbacks over her funeral.

I also didn't know that it was going to be my last phone call with her.

I dont have much to offer in ways of support, but I can tell you that I understand a portion of what you are going through. And I can tell you that you are absolutely allowed to still be in pain. To need to rest. To need a moment to put your strength down. To need a friend to help you pick it back up.

Everything you feel is okay to feel, and you will feel everything. Pain. Sadness. Laughter. Guilt. Peace. Turmoil. Exhaustion. Definitely exhaustion.

It can get lonely in grief. We're here if you need someone to talk to. Seriously. If you want to talk more just open up about some of how you are feeling and I'll be in the comments.

Rest your heart for a moment, and let yourself breathe, friend. I understand. ❤ 

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