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Obviously it is my own ‘old age’ showing, but I had to laugh at the new generations. They have no compunction at all, using the word “never” – and, I assume, by extension, the word, “always”. Also that they don’t at all get that their own tiny little view of this world is just very tiny and very little. (For an example, no sense at all that “central time” means an entirely different time zone if you’re sitting in some part of Europe, than if you’re sitting in some part of the Americas.)

In around 2010, my step-son thought that he had discovered sliced bread (so to speak), when step-son introduced my hubby and me to the theme song from the 1970 movie ‘Love Story’. Step-son was astounded and confused and ‘apoplexed’ when we all went to YouTube, only for him to discover that the old generation was, indeed, correct, and the song had, indeed, been around since before he was even born.

Current-day, these youngsters don’t seem to know that ‘Internet search engines’ were available to me (us 'old folk') – and I/we used them -- long before ‘Google’ ever even existed.

That "never" happened. This has "always" been so. Yep...I getcha, but no, not so (not at all so, and you're wrong.) Go and look it up on your own 'Google' before you say it to me, and before you try to argue with me, about it.

Anyone else have any kind of these kinds of rants, not necessarily related specifically to technology?

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People who post their exact same post over multiple sub-forums, and, really much worse, in the exact same thread. ("Yes!!! We already read you!!! We got it!!!")

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Sometimes it is funny to realize how little the young people know (despite being well educated and capable).  I remember being at my good friend's home when her teenaged daughter came home after having seen the movie Titanic with her friends.

She was visibly upset and announced "Mom, the ship sank!"  Her mom and I had to use great restraint to keep from laughing out loud.


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