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My beautiful boy


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My beautiful boy passed away at 930pm on 7/24/1984.

He was the person I loved most second to Christ, in the entire world. Now he is gone. Though I have relatives,  Kennedy (my son) was the only family I had. (Being related doesn't automatically make one family).

I am drowning in grief.


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My heart breaks for you Im so sorry.  My ex lost his x wife and 10 year old daughter in a bad car accident.  I watched him suffer and the pain he endured was so powerful.  I don't know know how we stayed together after that I was selfish and still wanted his attention  but the only reason why he said he lived was for his other daughter who was sitting in the back of car and survived.    I can never say i know how you feel because i don't but Could only imagine.  There was a grieving group Tried o get him to go to we went once if you want to look it up its called compassionate friends.org maybe when your ready you will check it out.  .  I went with him at the time I thought it would help him but he didn't care about anything.  All the people in this group all lost their children and they have special celebrations to remember their children all the time. To be around people that are going through the same pain can help with your grieving process.  You still need to take care of yourself because your son wouldn't want to see you suffering and getting sick. One of the grievance from compassionate friends lost her leg it was a mother whose daughter was murdered Ill never forget her she said she had diabetes and didn't take care of herself after her daughter was murdered and she got really sick and lost her leg.   You can talk to me anytime if you need to talk I would be honored.

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