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Please help my mom..


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Hi, I’m mostly on here looking to find people who can help listen to, be friends with, and relate with my mom. She needs other mommas who have been through hell and back. 

 So this is briefly what my mom and I are looking for help with.

my moms 2nd born(my middle brother), passed away on January 12 2019 at the age of 26. Two months later, March 13 2019, my moms oldest(my big brother and absolute best friend my entire life) went missing in Cozumel, Mexico. No answers, but my parents were scammed out of about 5k I think. I am also a drug addict and she’s always worried about me, I don’t make things better. My sister had open heart surgery last year at the age of 25. My mom is also very sick with cancer and many other things. My dad does everything for this family and is repaid with absolutely nothing but ****. Idk what he did growing up or in his past life but I don’t get how he deserves any of what has been given to him. It’s not fair to him at all and never has been. I was engaged to my high school sweetheart and we were together for 5 years, got engaged on Christmas Eve, the last time we have pictures of my brother bc he died a month later. My ex-fiancé and I got pregnant around the beginning of the year 2019. She later had pains and started bleeding, miscarrying while we were taking a shower together, it fell onto the floor of the shower. This was shortly after finding out about my brother going missing. Then, 2 days before our 5 year anniversary in June 2019, my ex-fiancé, highschool sweetheart, absolute love of my life, Bestfriend, only person I had left other than the rest of my family, decided to cheat on me using my own truck while she was staying at my parents house. Then, when I called her out after my mom said she got home really late oke night, I checked our cameras and asked her about it which she denied anything happened, then later when we weren’t together she texted me to break up and admit to cheating. Broke up with me over a fucking text message after 5 years, being engaged and losing a baby together.  I went to rehab in florida for a little over a year from June 2020- Aug 2021. In that time she got pregnant and has since had a baby with a new guy and has a big happy family with her, the dude, his son, and their new baby. I picked up 2 years clean in June 2022 a couple months ago, and here recently relapsed again. There’s a lot more that happened before my brother died, but this is the stuff my mom and I need help with the most. Thank you for listening and helping<3

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Hi Brayden - This says so much about your deep compassion as a human being. ❤️ You’re carrying the weight of grief for your brothers, your ex, your life as how you’d once imagined it. And yet you come here asking for help for your Mom. So very sweet and kind.
Does she have an account here too? If not please let her know she is not alone in her grief. There are many of us here who are learning to live with major losses in our lives, some with multiple losses, not unlike yours.  
I think I can safely speak for others here in saying we understand the pain you and she are in and offer our condolences, our compassion and our love. - Angie 

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