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Ways to make cats happy

Jerry bakerrrr

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Jerry bakerrrr

The ways to make cats happy always lead in the same direction. Because no matter which way you try, you will be flooded with unconditional love.


There are many things you can do to make your cat happy. Applying the tips you can afford and get lots of love in return is so simple that you'll be able to realize why your cat is so happy that you've already followed many of them.


Besides, it wouldn't be bad to get some knowledge for more happiness, right? There is little we can do for pawed friends who add color to our lives.


Their expectations of us are not very high. We can double our cat's happiness by paying attention to the little details apart from what we offer them such as love, attention, balanced diet and health checkup.


Learn the behaviors he dislikes

Cats have things they don't like, just like we do. This includes our behavior. For example; Cats do not like hand and arm movements. Hands and fingers moving against them are annoying. If you try to talk to your cat by raising your finger, it may even try to bite your finger.


Do not punish


Owning a pet has responsibilities and challenges. Animals have their own unique abilities and characters. Therefore, it is necessary to give them time to get used to the family.


In addition, they must be educated. Because aggressive movements such as biting can be seen in kittens. He may show aggressive movements at an unexpected moment.


Punishing cats is quite wrong. that they do not understand you when you punish them and they do not abandon their wrongdoings. On the contrary, your cat may bite or scratch you when you are petting her so make sure to build a strong bond with he to avoid such situations.


Be mindful of dislikes

Cats have very strong senses. They can easily hear frequencies that we cannot hear. However, these abilities do not only offer them advantages. When their instincts and what they hear are combined, problems can arise.


For example; Cats don't like the sound of flipping paper. They gag and even vomit when they hear the sound of their comb teeth being moved. Because for cats, the comb sound is similar to the sounds their prey makes when communicating with each other.


This causes them to vomit. Of course, this is not a proven research result. However, many experts agree on this. Other noises cats don't like are coffee grinders, aluminum foil and glass cracking.


make you feel your love


We have stated that the ways to make cats happy always lead in the same direction. They love us unconditionally. But that doesn't change the fact that we need to make them more happy. Therefore, whenever they ask for love from us, we must give more. Stroking their heads is enough for them many times. No matter how busy we are, we can pat their heads to make them feel our love while they are with us.


Play hunting games

Cats are hunters. Stray cats balance their hunting impulses by playing with their prey. For pets, life is not as fun as outside. Of course, living at home is very advantageous for them. They live better and get love. But they are lacking in matters such as hunting. Fortunately, we don't need a real hunt to fix these shortcomings.

Source: catzmag

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