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Positivity and Reducing Stress


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Good Evening Everyone,


As someone who has experienced grief (before and after Covid) the past couple of years I have really had to work on my mental health, keeping stress levels at bay and trying to keep myself positive.

I thought it might be helpful to share with you the things that I do as it may help some of you also and I thought that you could leave some of the things that have helped you also in the replies/comments? 🙂


1) Don't Think too Far Ahead

Anxiety and stress are usually caused when we are thinking too far ahead, worrying about what will happen, stressing about the unknown and what the outcomes might be. When you find your mind wandering and worrying about the future, try to bring yourself back to the present and to what is happening right now. Things always have a way of working out and too often we waste energy worrying about things that 'might' happen to find out later that things were fine in the end and we were worrying for no reason! 

2) Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem

Spending all day everyday moaning and complaining about a problem will only stress you out and put you in a bad mood. It is far more productive to look at solutions for the problem instead. What can you do to change or improve this situation? Focus on that, put a plan in place and your mood will shift drastically.

3) Focus On The Good Things

Rather than getting stressed about the things you do not have yet, or the goals you haven't met yet, focus on what you DO have right now and the goals you HAVE achieved. It can be so easy to forget about the good things we have in life and that's why taking the time to do this will make such a difference to your stress levels. Always adapt an attitude of gratitude. 

4) Don't Compare

In this modern world of social media a lot of people seem to compare their mood, life, job, relationship and material things to others. It is so important to remember that people only show on social media what they want you to see and just because someone is always bragging about something, it doesn't mean this is the actual truth. Comparing your life to others is a complete waste of energy! No two people are the same, everything happens at different times for different people and if you spent all of your time and energy focusing on yourself and your own goals rather than theirs, then you will get there Much faster. Comparing yourself will only make you angry/jealous/negative/stressed and this will make you unwell. Learn to be happy with who you are and what you have.

5) Look After Yourself

My fifth and final tip is to look after YOU! It is so important to take a break from work, from life and from people sometimes. Spend some time on your own, getting to know who you are, what you enjoy doing and doing things that relax you. Have a bubblebath, a pamper day, read a book, what a film, do some regular exercise, eat well, sleep well, ensure you are feeling your absolute best because you are no use to anyone else if you are not feeling good yourself. Self care is vital to relieving stress so put yourself first. 

6) Avoid the news & Social Media. 

Not only do a lot of news articles exaggerate and miss out information but they can also fabricate stories in order to get 'Click Bait.' Team this with constant status updates from people on your friends list sharing their own stresses/dramas/fears/conspiracy theories and it's bound to make you an anxious wreck! My advice for peace of mind is to stay off them for most of the day at this time. I have been avoiding Facebook a lot for the past week, I deleted the app and I stopped checking the homepage feed. I have also muted the word 'Coronavirus' on Twitter so that I can't see any posts mentioning this word and I only allow myself to watch the daily update by Boris Johnson himself. Constantly being fed this kind of information all day everyday is mentally draining and not good for us! So switch off and spend your time doing something more productive for your energy and mental health

7) Exercise

Exercising will do wonders for your anxiety and mental health! Doing a little exercise everyday, whether indoors or walking outside in the countryside will make you feel so much better. Exercise doesn't have to be hardcore HIIT workouts, it can be yoga, stretching or even walking but it i bound to make you feel ten times better and lift your mood.

😎 Breathing Exercise/Meditation

When having a panic attack one of the best methods that helps me is breathing exercises and mediation. Breathe in slowly and deeply from your stomach, hold your breath for a second and then breathe out through your nose, repeat this at least five times until you start feeling calmer. A really good app for mediation (and sleep music if you're struggling to sleep) is 'Calm.' This app has everything you need to meditate, breathe, sleep and feel so much calmer! It's brilliant. 

4) Take some time out for you, away from media & phones.

Have a bubble bath, stick a face mask on with a glass of wine, read a book or paint your nails, whatever you need to do, to switch off, forget about the world and feel calmer. Please ensure you put this on your to-do list at least once or twice a week. Give your mind a rest to just relax for a little while. We need to look after ourselves before we are any use to others. 

These tips are only small tasks but they have helped me greatly during difficult times and so I hope that they provide some help for you too.

If you find yourself suffering with anxiety or mental health problems contact your GP for advice. You can also have a read of our in depth anxiety guide here, which is filled with advice and resources for you to gain more support.


Emma Thomson

Owner of gemzbyemz.co.uk

Creator of Memorial Jewellery & Gifts engraved with your loved ones photo, handwriting, paw print and more.

I am also a blogger and advocate for Mental Health and Grief. I regularly blog on these topics based on my own experiences.

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Emma, this is really helpful not only for people who are grieving but also for the general anxiety that people world-wide are experiencing with Covid, global food insecurity, 'supply chain' issues, and all of the like. I have printed it out for my future use, so I do see the great value.

You have asked for input -- I'm taking it as a given, for things that will help all of us deal better with our so-called 'negative' emotions -- and I'm not seeing anything about also 'sitting with' and 'being present' to all of our body-felt emotions, no matter what they may be. (There is, these days, this sense and idea that the 'better-best' way is to just do our best to ignore, deny, sweep under the rug, avoid-at-all-costs anything within our own self that we judge as 'negative' or potentially negative, and not pay any mindfulness to it at all

However, in my personal experience, Gendlin's 'Focusing' process does also have its benefits, as do other body-centered therapies. Rather than try to change our 'NOW moment', sometimes just breathe, and lean into it with curiosity, and see what happens, no?

With love and good wishes,   Ronni

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Jazzyk, are you just shilling products, or have something of true value to offer that is *FOR FREE* for the members of this community? (I haven't followed, and won't follow, any of your links until you answer this question that I just asked.)   Ronni

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Thank you for the post. I am trying to learn new skills and apply them, but I have also noticed that I tend to make too many resolutions and stress myself out even more by all the to dos. So far, points 6, 7 and 8 are an important part of my routine :) 
What really helps me put my mind off my somatization symptoms is being around people. The symptoms tend to subside if I have good company and good conversations with a friend or a relative (I don't mean parties or anything like that).

I would also mention psychotherapy as a very important tool. I don't know if I would still be able to work and have a relatively normal quality of life if I weren't in therapy...

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If you look at these rules in a detached way, then everything looks logical and quite effective .. But the fact is that we all simply do not find the time and energy to consistently follow all these points. One of my acquaintances can't bring herself to start psychotherapy after an accident. She uses herbal remedies for relaxation  - https://thirdshroom.com/product-category/magic-mushroom-gummies/   This does not remove the problem, but it relieves symptoms well: fears, panic, aggressiveness. This is the best option for those who have not reached the doctor. My personal opinion is that you need to train willpower in order to overcome the reluctance to change.

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In difficult times, you really want to support the body, try to reduce stress levels, worry less, and so on. I think taking supplements would be a cool option. I know a great online store that sells quality supplements, so I recommend for you to visit their website. It seems to me that this is a simple yet effective way to help your body.

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