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Babies born sleeping

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Rachael G

Hi Everyone, Sadly I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, who was born sleeping at 19 weeks 1 day gestation. In the eyes of the law this is classed as a miscarriage!!! I physically gave birth to our baby, as have many other women been through the same situation. This is no miscarriage, i gave birth to our baby.. I went through everything the same as a women who has gone full term would have. I have started a petition and would be really grateful if you would take a minute to read, sign and possibly share this petition please? I believe alot of people will agree that this law is wrong. I'd be really grateful for any kind of support or response this petition gets. Thankyou. Best wishes, Racheal x 


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On July 10, 2011, my entire life and who I was at the very core was forever changed. It was that year that I gave birth to my first son, Malachi Omari. He was long-awaited, his conception happening after months of fertility treatments and prayers. I was under the impression that all I needed was that positive pregnancy test, and it’d be all uphill from there. However, that’s not my story. In my version, I went into preterm labor at 5 and a half months due to incompetent cervix. Malachi, my sweet baby boy, lived for 3 hours and died in my arms. 


I thought my story was so uniquely horrible. I was the “unlucky” one. The “one in a million.” But as the days and weeks went on, and I desperately searched for some form of healing, something to make me not want to die every other second, I eventually began speaking out about my pain. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. And as I did that, something miraculous happened… 


I found OTHER mothers who were struggling with the same type of loss; and many were people I had known since high school but never once heard them speak about going through a pregnancy or infant loss. In fact, in my research I found that 1 in 3 women suffer from pregnancy or infant loss at some point in their lives, but the subject is so taboo and uncomfortable, these women suffer in silence. I also found that people will say the craziest things in an attempt to support you, even when it feels like they are minimizing your pain or your loss. I found that, even when a loss feels so final, many women go on to successfully have living children (even though their “Rainbow Babies” can never take the place of their Angel Babies). But you know what the most beautiful thing is that I found? I found PURPOSE in my PAIN. 


On the 7 year anniversary of Malachi’s birth and death, I created LOVED & LOST, a community support site to “help families of angel babies cope with early farewells.” www.LovedandLost.org or www.LovedandLostAngels.org Feel free to share this site with anyone you know who is going through this type of loss.


Some of you who have had your own experience with pregnancy or infant loss may be struggling to find a purpose in your own pain. If that’s you, or someone you know, I invite you to join me in my mission by contributing your story to http://www.LovedandLost.org. I want to honor your angel babies by listing their name on the “Book of Angels” page. If you have been blessed with Rainbow Babies (living children AFTER your loss), you can submit a photo to be displayed on the “Wall of Hope.” Something as small as that may provide one more day of hope for a mother going through their loss. You can also submit an article, a poem, or your story to be published on our Blog. 


So share your story. Join the movement. Honor your angel baby. And help the women suffering in silence know that they are NOT alone. We are Sisters in Loss!  www.LovedandLost.org


“…If only I had known things would end this way

Would I do it all over again?

At first it’s hard to say…

But then I recall that old cliché

And as if from the sky my answer falls…

‘For it is better to have LOVED & LOST,

Than to never have loved at all.’”


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