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Grief Poetry Book with Writing Prompts

Liz Newman

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Hi, everybody. My name is Liz Newman. I am a poet and a writer. I lost my Dad on January 26th, 2021. It broke my heart wide open. I always knew it would, but I could never truly prepare for how it would feel. 

A friend told me she thought a big part of my processing would be through writing, and she was right. 

I Look to the Mourning Sky: a Book of Poems and Writing Prompts for the Grieving Heart, was written over the first year of grief. Over this challenging year, I have learned so much about loss, but most importantly, I’ve learned that we all navigate our grief differently. 

My hope for these poems is that they will comfort other hurting hearts and make them feel less alone in the complicated and painful emotions of grief. 

I also included writing prompts at the end to help others use writing as part of their processing. I’m hoping this can be a helpful tool for others as they grieve. What we need in our grief will vary from person to person: prayer, medication, therapy…the list goes on and on. 

But universally, we all need to feel supported and seen in our grief journey. I hope this can help you on yours. ❤️ 


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