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I lost my nan


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9 years ago, my nan passed away in May, of 2012, she was 55, she loved every single one of her grand kids and she adored life, she took nothing for granted and she loved every single person  she met. One night my sister got up to get my nan some fruit as she asked my sister for it, at the time I was 7 years old and in bed with my sister and brother, my oldest brother and sister was down stairs with my nan and my dad was tucking us three in, my nan started choking obviously my sister shouted for my dad and I was asleep at this time I can't remember what happened but my nan wet herself bless her, I'm so sorry nan. The ambulance came I think my dad tried getting the fruit out of her throat but idk when or how she had a heart attack, she died in the hospital.  I love you

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Valerie Lockhart

Dear Roxiee,

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother. Continue to cherish fond memories of her. I've found comfort in the Bible's promise that billions who have died will be resurrected. Jehovah wants them to live again, and he has given Jesus the power to resurrect them. The resurrections Jesus performed when on earth were a foregleam of what he will do in the future as King of God’s Kingdom. During his rule over the earth, the heavenly Jesus will bring back to life those humans who are asleep in mankind’s common grave. That is why he said: “I am the resurrection.” Think of the happiness you will feel when you see your loved ones again! Think, too, of the joy that resurrected ones will experience! We can have confidence in Jehovah’s perfect memory to remember the personality and traits of our loved ones. Why, even imperfect humans, by means of videotape, can preserve and construct visible and audible reproductions of persons. Far greater is God’s ability to keep such records, for he calls all the numberless stars by name!—Psalm 147:4. Biblical evidence shows that this system will soon come to its end, within this generation, and be replaced by a righteous administration in the hands of Jesus Christ and his associate rulers. That is why billions now dead will soon live again and begin to benefit from Kingdom rule. How grand it will be for the “tribulation” survivors to welcome back the dead! Think of the joy of once again being able to have the encouraging companionship of your grandmother, to hear her familiar voice and to see her in good health. May you find comfort in the Bible's promise of an end to death and sorrow (Revelation 21:3, 4).

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