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I lost my Amy


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My daughter died suddenly August 27. She was 35 and left behind 3 beautiful children.  My grandbabies.  I  can barely function... and here I sit Christmas eve. So numb in disbelief... lost ... empty ... without words.  Helpless in knowing there is nothing I can do to make it all better. Nothing will ever be the same.  She's gone. My daughter is gone. I just can't believe it.  My grandbabies without mama.... a void that will never be filled for them ... a void that can never be filled for me as her mother.  Prayers are much needed for this family.  No words can ever describe this emptiness inside my soul. I don't even know where to start in an attempt to picking up the pieces.  And so I started here. ...


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Dear Deena,

(((hugs))) I am so sorry for your painful loss. It's raw and unbearable. I hope you'll seek out additional supports in the community and church. We all need so much love and kindness and support during this sad and difficult time. 

Sending all my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. 

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Hi Deena


i lost my 32 year old daughter to covid  on January 20,2022 4 day before her 33rd birthday. She also left behind 2 children ages 2 & 5 years old. We were so close. We talked or txt every day or she was always come home or I would go visit her just about every other day. I couldn't be with her in the hospital because of covid protocol so i was not there when she took her last breath. When we had her funeral I waited until they closed the coffin because i couldn't stand to see my baby motionless. I think a made the right call because that probably would have killed me.


The pain won't go away and I don't think it ever will. Every morning I wake up I cry because it is another day she is gone. I can't be around people and having to go to work every day is so difficult because I am close to everyone i work with and now I have shut them off because the pain is to unbearable. I pray everyday that the Lord gives me strength and and peace to cope on a daily basis and help her boyfriend with the kid.


May God bless you and give you strength and peace. Someday we will see our child again. 

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