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Lost my Angel Francis 12/16/21 8:00PM


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My wife and I are devastated,  heartbroken. Francis our Angel passed away unexpectedly.  He was getting older slowing down. He began to develop what look like fatty tumors. He had surgery years ago on a large non cancer tumor in his anal cavity. He has been fabulous , amazing,  magical. He was doing great Thursday, approx 7 PM he started acting strange, not wanting to walk. He wanted to lay down. He eventually went outside did his business came back in. Just wanted to lay down. My wife stayed with him. He seemed to be coming back to himself. Then at 8 PM he had this look, his body lifted up , I ran over held him. All of sudden his body went limp. Like his soul left his body. He made no noise, no nothing just gone. I breathed into his mouth, he reacted for a brief second and then nothing. 

I held him, my wife who suffers from MS and has been sick collapsed to floor crying so badly. I held my composure and got him to emergency. After I handed him over to Dr

 They came back out 1 min later and told us he did not make it. I broke down , the pain is severe. Were both so heart broken. We need your prayers. Please pray for Francis. 

Francis was approx 14 years old. He was doing well. He showed signs of slowing down. Dr said he had to have a tumor that ruptured. One that was not known about. He had a history. But never really had issue other than the one surgery.  

Francis was the most loving, kind, amazing Angel. He did many wonderful things with rescues helping them live better lives. He touched so many, he loved children. He was a protector of my wife who has been ill with MS, and cancer. He protected her always. If she fell, he layed on top of her not letting anyone near. He did the same for me. Just an awesome Angel. I call him a legend. All he accomplished in his life was amazing. He loved us and we loved him. He is my son. We could not have kids. We were blessed with Angel Francis.

Were suffering so badly,  this Christmas is ruined. Why would God take him this close to Christmas. He loved getting presents. He knew he had presents for this year. He sniffed them out. Fortunately we gave him 1 early , his favorite squeaky tennis balls in shape of wreath.  He was so happy. We did not know or have any clue he would not be here at Christmas.

This is just horrible. The way it happened,  all of sudden. Its not fair! I know we're being selfish wanting him. But he was so big in our family. He was so loved. He gave so much back. His love was so awesome, his devotion so awesome. He loved life, loved all, and everyday was happy fun. Playing with him omg so much fun. Now he is gone that is all gone. We feel so upset with God. 

We never saw this coming. The night before his death. Francis ran to me sat very close in front of me and stared me down for several minutes. I looked into his eyes and felt him telling me something that I did not want to think about. I kept thinking he is getting older I don't know if I get many more years. It would depress me. Well I had that feeling when he stared at me so intent. He was overly close the last 2 weeks. He was by my side every where. He wanted to hug, pet him, and his head massaged constantly.  I just thought he was being loving.  Nothing more just enjoying us our time. Wow I never saw it coming. I think now he was telling me in his way. He would not be here long. 

So guilt of many things I missed ,or did not want to see or accept. I wanted him to live forever. He is so important in my life. Especially my wife's life. The pain is so great. I have no idea how I am going to get through this. My wife and I need your prayers. 

I searched for places to do a memorial for my Angel Francis. I found the most amazing place its called Angels Rest for animals in Utah.  I did a paver to be put permanently on a path that leads to many beautiful Angels who have passed. Check the place out. It gave me some peace knowing he will be part of it. They have live prayer ceremonies every month. I also found another place and planted a tree in his memory. 


Prsyers to all who lost your pets. Were all together. One big family, all suffering terribly.  Maybe God just called our beautiful Angels to be there in Heaven for Christmas day with him. They all did their jobs well. They were all what God wants humans to be. Full of true love and devotion. Unconditional love, put others first before themselves. They did not ask for much in return. Just be loved , and cared for. If people were like our Angels , we would be in Heaven. Give the animals respect. They will reward in the most magical ways. 


Pray for us, I am praying for all of you


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I am so so sorry to read about sweet Francis. 

I lost my cat very horribly and suddenly as well. The first 48 hours I was in a state of shock. Disbelief. Replaying what happened over and over. Then the reality set in and so did the grief and profound sadness. We were just starting a 3 month vacation at a vacation house w/ him so yeah - vacation over.  

I wish I could say something to comfort you. Based on my experience 4 years ago... this pain will NOT last even though the world now seems very dark. The peace and healing you will get to does NOT equal forgetting Francis. Hang in there. This is a difficult path to walk. 

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Thank you ,for such a comforting message. Another difficult night sleep, hoping to feel his presence.  Wanting to hug , hold, kiss him one more time. The pain is great. I can't function. 

I know time makes all better. It kills me, to realize over time he will be a beautiful memory. That he physically,  will never be here again. Its a cruel, rotten joke God picked this time frame to take my Angel from us. Christmas is ruined. Trying to make sense of this timing. Why he could not have waited to take him until after Christmas.  Why now? I'm so upset.

There are many losing pets now, and family. My wife lost her father 5 months ago. My Mother in law is a total mess now. She loved Francis. Francis loved her. Especially loved the surprises she brought him on every visit. Christmas was a happy time for Francis, although we made it feel like Christmas year round. Every time packages arrived from Chewy there was always a toy in there. Francis would always walk out and know.

The excitement in his beautiful body as we walked to get the package, then the walk back so much fun. To the moment we opened the package and he saw his toy. My God I am going to miss that. Tears rolling down my face as I write this. My mind is scrambled. I don't know if what I'm writing makes sense. I can't function,  process things normally at this time. Its so quiet here. The most beautiful Angel was taken from us at time were supposed to be happy and excited. That has all been destroyed. Trying to make sense of how God works, why he does things like this. Why our world is so lost, out of control. I blame the sins of man for all this.

I feel this is some sort of punishment from God taking my Angel. I feel sick. So upset. We had the most beautiful loving Angel . We had no clue he would just pass away so suddenly like this. His body lifted up as his soul departed, I ran over to hold him. My God if anything is beautiful about this. The way he passed. He never .are a noise.

He was quiet, and sitting next to my wife one minute fine looking better than last hour. They his body lifted up in the most amazing way. I never saw anything like this before. I got to him and his body was lifeless. I blew air into him. It seemed to do something for a second a little response. Then nothing.


My heart broke, and was destroyed at that moment. I whispered Francis if you must go its ok buddy. I love you. I held strong and got him to Emergency room ASAP. My wife's cries that moment killed me. She suffers from MS. She has had a rough year. She battled cancer. Francis loved her so. She told me right before he passed he kissed her softly. 

The pain is severe  , especially it being Christmas time. I dread Christmas day. I dread this week. I am so mad at God. This was unnecessary to take him this time of year. To rob Francis of the joy he would have had. The joy we would have had. I pray often, I believe in God. I know were not to question his reasons. But seriously,  make sense of this.

The time, the way it happened.  We had no clue he was so sick. He was awesome, looking amazing the last few months. Especially as old as he was. Approx 14. We got him as a rescue. My God the stories I could tell you. The blessings he gave so many. I know as our pets arrived into Heaven they were all met with a standing ovation ,of job well done. 

Have a wonderful Holiday Season 



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I am so sorry, Frances is the most beautiful dog, eyes are the pathway to the soul, look at those beautiful eyes!  I know of nothing harder than to lose our beloved animal, my Arlie was my life, my soulmate in a dog!  I lost my husband 16 1/2 years ago, my bond with Arlie became everything to me, my perfect dog.  

You may consider writing about him...I can so relate, Arlie also had a couple of small "fatty tumors" and always had regular physicals, one just two weeks prior to his cancer diagnosis, they said it was inoperable, untreatable, his liver shutting down, how did they then miss it just two weeks before???!

Writing has helped me with processing my grief as well as immortalizing him in a way...

Comfort for Grieving Animal Lovers

I hope watching this brings you some measure of comfort and peace....


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