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On August 5 2011 I receieved a call from one of my younger sisters. I swear that moments before I got the call I started crying because I felt this loneliness in my heart. I felt so sad (it is a feeling I have never felt before). When I answered my sisters call she was hysterical and screaming and she yelled "nancy, jerry got ran over you need to come over here now!!!" Iknew at that very instant that I had lost my little brother and there was nothing I could do to bring him back. My brother was only 13 years old and this kid was amazing. He loved every sport but soccer was his favorite. He was very timid with people, but with us (his 6 sisters) he was just so funny and pure. I always said and did things to make him laugh, just so i could see his litto chubby body jiggle as he giggled. When my brother was only 3 years old our mother passed away of cancer, so Jerry only grew up with the love of my father and all 6 of his sisters and older brother. This whole time I thought he needed us, but now I realize I needed him. This kid was my everything....everything I wanted to accomplish in my life was to be able to give him a better life. I wanted him to have evrything. I loved him so much and I did not want him to ever suffer. And now I live with the fact that my baby brother died in such a tragic way, and I couldnt do nothing to help him...i swear a breaks my heart. I understand and I know that with time this will become easier beause I have already went through this with my mothers death, but it still hurts because he was just so young and I never imagine something like this could ever happen to this amazing kid. I love you Jerry and I miss you so much <3


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