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My mum, my Brother and my Dad all in 3 months :-(


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Hi everyone,

well where to begin????

my 2011 started quite well until we reached june. My mum overdosed (after suffering chronic pain for many years) on prescription meds and was taken to hospital, we were then informed that she had suffered a stroke and the damage was inoperable. My Dad and I sat in the hospital for hours watching mums body slowly shutting down. We would stare at the ground and listen to her breathing and when she paused for longer than normal my heart would drop. Her body then started seizuring which was a horrible thing for Dad and I to witness and I try hard to push those images out of my mind. On june 25th I received a call at 1 oclock in the morning to say that mum was close to the end, I rang dad and we both decided that we didnt want to be there when she passed, it was to much to bear. The phone rang again at 3 oclock and mum had passed away at age 50.

My brother took the news extremely hard because he held alot of guilt when it came to family time. He was addicted to drugs so we only saw him every now and then. Dad, my Brother and I slowly worked through dealing with mums death. My brother headed to the city for his 32nd birthday, sadly we were unaware it would be the last time we saw him. My Brother hung himself (6.5 weeks after mums death) in him best friends house after 4 days on a bad batch of drugs. We still have no real idea why, i think he had a moment where life was too hard and acted upon it. Once again dad and i started working through the process of dealing with the 2 losses and planning to move in together so we could watch over each other.

one monday afternoon just 3 and a half weeks after my brothers death i received a phone call from my uncle, he told me that dads boss had said dad hadnt turned up to work, which was extremely unusual without a call to explain why.

I jumped in the car with my 3 year old son after organising someone to pick up my other kids from school. We drove the 30 min drive out to dads with a horrible feeling coming over me, I kept saying "no not my daddy" "not another one"

when i arrived at dads i saw his car out the front, I ran inside whilst my son slept in the car and found my Darling dad dead on the floor at age 52. I grabbed the phone and screamed at some poor lady at the end of the phone.

I was in such shock and disbelief, i rang my husband and screamed, then my aunty and uncle and screamed some more. Dad had a massive heart attack.

I have yet to figure out how on earth such sadness could happen to my family in such a short time. I keep telling my children and nephew that this isnt normal we are just having a really bad year :-(

its so hard to comprehend living the rest of my life without 3 of the 4 i was born into, so i take each day as it comes and am so grateful i have my children and loving family and friends to help me through.

Thankyou for giving me somewhere to tell my story, I'm a firm believer that it helps to talk about things.


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I am so so sorry for your losses. You sound like such a strong person but this is so much to cope with. I am glad you have a family of your own. I know they can not replace those loved ones you have lost but I hope they can offer comfort, love and support. Please take care and know you are not alone. I have recently lost my mom and am struggling with the grief that has just now hit (in a big way). For me telling my story of loss seems to help some but the process of grief takes a path of its own. I keep trying to rush through it because it is uncomfortable only to be reminded it can not be hurried. I am encouraged by those who have made it to a point of being able to focus on the positive memories without being overwhelmed by missing those things. I know it will get better. Take care and God bless.

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