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I Wish You Were Here....

Chads Mom

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Very new to this and sure hope I posted it in the correct area and in a proper way.....


My son Chad passed away on May 30th 2011 from esophageal cancer. He was 28 years old.

Chad was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which stemmed from a surgery 2 days after his birth and was dependent on others for his physical care. Although Chad was physically disabled he understood everything around him, his personality was like sunshine in a bottle.

I miss my son desperately every single day. Chad was my everything we spent all of his 28 years loving him, caring for him, and revolving our lives around his every need.

Now I am lost and feel like I have no purpose in this world.

It was really hard for me to write anything when all I really want to do is go curl up in a corner and cry.

On Losing my child…………………

For some reason I thought the day I found out my son had cancer that that was the hardest day, then I thought the day that my son passed away was the hardest day, and then I thought the day I buried my son would be the hardest day. Now I know that the hard days are knowing we have to go on without him and everyday since the beginning of this awful journey is just one hard day after another. Does it get easier? Not yet…. In fact it seems to be getting worse. Will it get easier? I wish I knew…….

The only thing I know for sure is losing a child is quite possibly the most painful experience imaginable it has left me both empty and lonely.

I love you Chaddy I wish you were here, I wish I had One more minute, one more hour, one more day with you.

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Chad's Mom

So sorry you have to be here, but here is the place to be to find compassion and understanding from others who have also lost a child.

My 16 year old son, Brian was killed in a completely preventable car crash on 6-19-2008. Yes, this is, by far, the hardest thing I have ever experienced. But with time and alot of work on your part, we can live again. We can find our way in a world where the phycial presence of our child is gone.

We post on the Loss of an Adult Child thread. All are welcome there.

Consider yourself hugged.

Colleen, Brian's Mother Forever

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