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Lost my best friend and lover


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I lost my finance of 4 years on 8/6 to an accidental overdose. He was on chronic pain management and had a tendancy to over take medication. This started long before I met him. 3 days before his death, his doctor accused him of abusing meds, then increased them and added additional sleepers. These were almost all various types of narcotics. I woke up and found him dead next to me in bed. I called 911 and turned him on back (he slept on stomach) to see if could revive him, but he was too far gone.

I was in such total shock, that I couldn't even remember what I did the day before. We were living in another state. I called his mom immediately and told her of his passing. This was a saturday (8/6/11). His sister went down monday morning, and made herself his power of attorney. Because I did not have anything notorized, she was allowed to do this even though he wanted me to be his power of attorney and had written it down several times.

They now have taken everything away from me. I came back to the state we were from, because that is where his services were supposed to be held. It has been two weeks and still no services. I was told to leave the family alone and to not bother coming to funeral. They even took some of my personal possessions. The only way I can get them back is if I take them to court. I am having a hard time dealing with his death as I really don't have anybody who knew him to grieve with.

How do you go on? How do you consider life alone? I have thought of volunteering with animals because we both liked them, but am not sure yet. All I do know is I am going back to state where we lived and he died. Although have few friends, it was last place we were together and where we made our commitment together. WE even wore wedding rings, although not legally married, we considered ourselves married. Is this a good idea, or should I stay where my family is?

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