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My mom passed 27 April 2011 - Results of an e-mail reading


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May 27, 2011...Death as a spiritual exploration...

The following is a reading I did recently for a man who recently lost his mother. He had written to me on Mother's day and what began as one simple question, soon became an in-depth spiritual exploration for him. I have reproduced this reading with his permission, having shortened it a bit and edited the text to protect his anonymity. I hope it will help everyone in similar situations find the peace they too are seeking upon the loss of a loved one.

May 8, 2011

C: Hi Patricia,

I lost my mom on 27 April this year and would like to know if all will be okay with my dad, brother and myself in our futures and if mom is okay?

P: I'm very sorry to read you lost your mom recently. I know that's hard, especially today. Yes, she is well and on the Other Side. She is still going through her "in processing" having just arrived home again, but has her loved ones around her and will soon be complete with this process. You should receive a sign from her soon, either in your dreams or a brush against your arm, etc. that feels as though she is there with you. Her mother, your grandmother, sends her love to everyone and wants to assure you all that she's taking care of everything and keeping tabs on what's going on. A competent mother in her own right!

Yes, you all will be fine once your grieving process is complete. Make sure to seek out the support you all need, to include counseling if necessary.

C: Wow! Thanks very much for this Patricia. Lovely information. I wonder if everyone can tune in to the other side from time to time given the right tools. There is a separation currently in my mom’s family (her brother and sisters) so I wished mom or grandmother would state all is okay there. But I guess overall they say all is okay.

I really want to thank you for your work and honesty for this reading. Thank you Patricia

P: Yes, of course everyone can tune in as we are all from there initially. You can use meditation, dreams, or whatever vice is comfortable for you. Being relaxed and trusting what you get are the keys. Doubt and fear keep us separated. Truly, it's easy. And yes, your mother's family will be ok. The separation is also part of their life charts and agreements they made before they came in.

C: Thanks Patricia.

You’ve been so much help already. The one thing I am curious about is that I was given up at birth for adoption. If I have to die would both my mom’s be there or will I be received by the one that took care of me. I am not sure if there is any connection to my mom that gave me up. I do not know her at all. Never met her. Not sure if she has passed. The only mom I know is the one that has passed now. My adoptive mom.

P: I was adopted too, so I understand your concerns. Yes, of course, you will be received by your moms. In fact, we all incarnate in soul families, so when we return home, we are always greeted by our loved ones as well. I believe your birth mother is still alive, but I wouldn't find her as the reunion won't be what you are hoping or looking for. My biological mother is alive too, but I won't contact her for the same reasons. My biological dad is dead, I met him on the Other Side recently when I found my half-sister, still alive, through psychic guidance I had received from him. He's around me all the time and I have a good relationship with him.

Your mom will contact you soon. No worries.

C: Thanks Patricia. My you are such a huge help and so informative. Another thing that I am curious about is the fact that we are met by our family members. How is this possible if like my grandmother passed over two decades ago. I assumed that she would be in her next life now. Do spirits exists in many places at the same time?

P: It's common to spend 30 years or more on the Other Side between incarnations. No, your grandmother is still there now. I don't believe we exist in many places at the same time, but can communicate telepathically, so that we stay in touch easily with each other and can seem to be very close.

C: Does everyone have a spirit guide? If I do can you tell me his or her name or names.

Was I in agreement with my mom, dad and brother before coming into this life to live this life?

Is it possible for me to get a personal word from my mom to my dad. He has gone through a major operation recently and is still in recovery mode and also paining for the loss of her. It would be comforting to relay something personal and direct to him from her to soothe him down.

P: Yes, everyone has at least one spirit guide, some have two. No one comes to Earth to go it alone, so to speak. It's too difficult to navigate successfully solo. Yes, your spirit guide is female and you can call her Margarite, but use any name that you like, it really doesn't matter.

Yes, your adoption was an agreement you made before incarnation.

Was there a piece of jewelry he gave your mother that was personal to her, meant alot to her, anniversary gift? A necklace perhaps? Your grandmother is holding up what looks like a gold chain with a pendant on it, possibly diamonds on it. As your mother is still in transition currently, your grandmother is helping out with communication for now. Just as soon as your mother is available, she'll contact your dad in his dreams.

C: I asked my dad. He does not know that I am communicating with you. He says there was a time a few years back that he remembers buying a gold chain with a cross or something attached to it.

By the way my dad says he was in the kitchen today and something funny happened. The kitchen light went off and on again by itself. He was wondering if it was just the power or someone trying to get his attention in the spirit world. Would you be able to check for me?

P: Yes, grandma. Your mom will contact him in his dreams. Later on, if he's open to it, she will be able to send more tangible messages, like flashing lights, if he wishes. He can choose.

Great to know the "light" is shining brightly from the Other Side your way!

Client writes again May 13.

Hi again Patricia. My mom’s eldest sister had a 16 day prayer at her home. She is Hindu. She says my mom came to her in her dream. The dream was set in her home. She thinks it’s a sign that she visited her. What do you think?

P: Yes, I believe your aunt was able to get the confirmation that she needed to know that her sister made it home ok. No, your mom isn't available yet, but your grandmother is doing a wonderful job stepping in for her, and responding to all the inquiries. (She appreciates the validation, by the way....very proud woman as well....you are very lucky)

Your mother will be making direct contact with everyone in about 6 more months our time. Was Christmas time her favorite time of year? Was her passing traumatic and/or painful in any way? She seems to need alot of transitioning back home to release the negative hold Earth had on her and to be free once again to be positive and part of the "light" that we all come from, or reconnection to God.

C: She did like the period of Christmas. She loved the trees and decorations. She loved going to church to celebrate and to meet and contact both her and my dad’s family. I think my mom had both her mom and dad’s qualities and she definitely was strong and as proud as her mom is of family.

Her passing was some what traumatic. She had been suffering for a long time with her heart. It got to a point where she could not walk more than ten meters without becoming short of breathe. She was on an alternative treatment for her heart when she passed. At the hospital she was stabilized for some time until she had a heart attack followed by two others. What led to her attacks was the problems within her family amongst a few sisters and herself. She felt things they said and had done brought evil upon her. She was so worked up and worried about that and even said this is going to kill me at one point. This she said to my brother before she passed. She has had lots of pain throughout her life. Both physically and mentally. Through the pain and suffering she remained positive and loving to all. She became a local town hero involved in charity and welfare.

P: Yes, that all fits with what I am essentially getting from your grandmother. Yes, her return at Christmas time or so would make sense then as she loves that time of year and it's the best, most positive time on Earth.

Her transition has included what's called cocooning. Basically, the best way I can describe it or relate it to you is it's like being in a decompression chamber for a period of time after a long dive. The people inside are "available", but just not able to go anywhere and do anything really. She has been able to wave to me, showing me one arm, or I can hear her sometimes, but I haven't been able to really reach her or connect with her and I haven't seen her in full body. Whereas your grandmother, she's been in attendance in full body and full of life.

Cocooning during transition time on the Other Side is normal and occurs often when a person returns home and has alot of "life hardship" they need to remove and heal from. As her heart was weak, I thought it might have been a long term illness like this, she will need some time to return to her most positive self again. She will, and plans to communicate once again around that time. Sounds like your mother found a successful way of giving back to others to combat the negativity she encountered in her life here. Good for her!

This life she just left will be her last one on Earth! Yahoo! That's always good news to receive as that means she has "graduated", meaning she has learned all she came here to learn and finished her goals, much like we do when we graduate college. She will from now on be with you all in spirit and be there to receive each one of you upon your return home too.

C: My dad wants to know if my mother during her last moments was wanting to say something to him, but he was not there. What would those words have been?

P: Just "goodbye", that's it. She wasn't one to leave a room without having said her "goodbyes" to everyone. Common courtesy sort of thing, you know. He already knew she loved him. She was greatly relieved to leave, really, as she was tired of it all and tired of feeling ill. Much like leaving a party...you know how you feel when you've "had enough" and it's time to go home. That was her experience too.

C: Do spirits smell, feel and taste things when they visit our world?

P: Yes. But as they are energy, they don't interact with those experiences the same way you or I do. Just as they don't interact with things in this dimension anymore the same way we do. And, we don't interact with experiences in their dimension the way they do while in our bodies. It's sort of like the difference between remembering what a pie tastes like, feels like, smells like, and actually eating a pie and having those experiences in that moment.

C: Are you able to ask if mom was able to view and enjoy the funeral service we had for her. Was there something not in place that she thought could be better and we can laugh about it and say maybe in the next life?

P: No, I can't ask your mom, but your grandmother says she was in attendance and it was beautiful. Not a dry eye there. No, everything was fine.

Remember...funerals are for us, not for those who have passed. They don't care anymore. Again, think of death as a graduation...after we graduate from school, do we care what goes on after us? And those left behind, they remember us, but they go on and finish too and continue those ceremonies at school in our absence.

C: It’s taking time but I am slowing accepting that death is something not to fear and people move on and are in a happier place. It just feels harsh and cold for those who lost a loved one suddenly and to have the knowledge that some things don’t matter to them any more. I’m trying my best though.

P: Yes, no doubt, death is toughest on us, those of us who are left behind. Please don't misunderstand me here...it's not that they don't care in the sense of callousness or coldness, it's just that they have moved on and are focused on their own pursuits on the Other Side now. The same way graduates move on, but they still care about their friends that are still there. Our loved ones understand we'll be home soon too, that life is a temporary condition for growth, and that they'll see us back soon in our brightest, most positive condition once again. You will move through your grief in time and things will ease up for you.

C: Have I been to this earth many times?

P: Yes, 42. This life will be your last one here.

C: Is 42 times on earth a long time for a soul?

P: No, 42 lives on Earth isn't long per se, it's just what you have done. There's no judgement about number of times, it's all about growth and learning. You chose to come that many times for the lessons you wished to learn, that's all. Just because someone has 3 PhD's, does that make them bad or crazy? No, it's just what they wanted to do to learn what they wanted to learn.

C: What is my spirit name or my soul name given to me?

P: Well, the name that popped in was Ernest. Seems you prefer to use that name when you are home.

C: Is my soul mate or twin flame in the afterlife?

Can I ask my spirit guide to show me the next path or journey I have set in my life’s contract. If my path is still within the same journey than that is okay. If they like to in a dream on something I would like that.

Is everyone in the spirit world that knows me proud of me so far on my life’s journey?

P: Yes, of course everyone on the Other Side is proud of you and how you are approaching your life chart challenges. Yes, you are on track and doing well. And yes, you can ask for whatever you wish to know. They'll let you know if they can help or not. The answers you receive will be blunt and to the point. If you get nothing, then there's nothing to answer you with right now. You can forget trying at that point, if they have nothing to tell you, they won't tell you anything. There's no such thing as apologies and answers that fill empty space, there's only honest answers there, no sarcasm or beating around the bush. The more blunt the answer, the more you can trust that it is coming from them, instead of yourself.

Yes, your twin flame is on the Other Side currently.

C: Wow! Such enriching, simple, positively uplifting and important information. Thank you for sending that through.

Is my mom going to visit just myself or all of the family come Christmas time?

Will the event of my death be calm and quick or painful, agonizing, and lengthy?

Am I to pass in the near future or see beyond the age of 50?

P: I believe you know the answer to your question about your mom already. What do you believe she will do?

Oh...terribly, terribly painful.....LOL!! Why worry about that now?

Yes, Sylvia Browne has written in her books about there being approx. 5 exits points in any one lifetime. I guess we give ourselves 5 chances to bail if we just can't stand it here! lol... Yes, I believe you will choose to live past 50.

C: Are there any dark souls around my family?

We had a dog called Wiggles for about 12 years. He died in 2002 I think. Is he with anyone in the spirit world?

P: No, no dark souls.

Sure. All animals live once and go home. They are with everyone and they are always in attendance when we go home again.

C: What is the names of my guardian angels?

P: Well, the guardian angels are already known and spoken of in religion. I think there are 3 specifically. Angels, in general, don't have names as they never incarnate. You have 4 angels around you now helping you heal.

C: Wow! All so interesting. Thanks Patricia.

Communications continue with this client currently. He continues to ask more questions in his quest for understanding and healing. No doubt death pushes us to have to look at something greater than ourselves; it forces us to make the most of the life we have left, to appreciate what we have, and feel a greater sense of empathy for others. I wish you all well! God bless you!

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