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Wife of 9 years, separated but living together, I’m so scared


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My wife of 9 years, mother of our 3 boys, has called for a Separation. She told me this AM that she is trying for the families sake. 

She majored in fine art, and for years I thought I was supporting her. she hadn’t painted in 3 years and Until she broke. She says she feels invisible and is broken. Well since she said she needed space she’s been painting. 

Ive done all the right steps, took accountability for my actions. And we were moving along ok, until last night. Last night she was painting and I was headed to bed (the couch). I walked by her and said good night. And all I got in return was a head nod. I should have realized she was in the zone painting and I should have just let her be. But I got upset, thought I deserved a hug in the least. We blew up.

this she said just proved her point, that I’m not callable of supporting her through an artistic career. I understand what went wrong, i shouldn’t have expectations. We are separated and need space. Expectations breed resentment. 

After last night she says she’s willing to still try, for the families sake, but doesn’t believe I can do it. 

Im heart broken, I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose her.

any words of encouragement or advice will be much appreciated.

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So sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your relationship.It has been studied that marriage issues are more stressful then the death of a loved one.When the one you love is unhappy, you are affected.

The Bible provides words of wisdom when it comes to relationships.The greatest marriage counselor that ever lived, gave this advice.

Jesus said——>

Matthew 19:6 ‘So that they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has yoked together, let no man put apart.’

So marriage mates become one flesh, in the sense that they are united equally as partners. So communication is very important to maintain that oneness of flesh. But anyone that lives in this world will tell you that it is very difficult to maintain this unity.

Many seek marriage counselors for help, but the source that has been proven, is the Bible based advice that is freely available.

Please take a moment to visit this site-

You will see that it covers multiple challenges that marriage mates face today


May you find happiness

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