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What’s God’s purpose?

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A short article on religion

Religion is a belief, a widely held belief, but it’s unproven. It’s one of the famous roundabout questions of, ‘is there, or isn’t there?’


There are two types of thought, belief which is opinion based and fact, which is scientifically proven. A fact can’t be unproven with belief and likewise, you can’t counter a belief with facts. They’re two separate entities. All religions provide a higher deity, whether that be the basics of worshipping the sun or a pile of rocks, to ethical volumes like the Bible. So perhaps we’re hard wired to believe in our own immortality?

Finding Christ

There is nothing more embarrassing to me than watching a crowd of people trying to outshout each other waving their hands in the air with cries of Halleluiah! And this sort of activity disgusts me.


You want Christ in your life? If you’re really sincere, try this. Go into a room where you’re not going to be disturbed. Put your hands together and open up your heart. Let it all out; the doubts, the fears, the anxiety and ask Christ to come into your life. Your heart is a locked door opened only from the inside and why you were given free will to open it to good, or evil. No one else can open it for you. Pray as you would talk to a person. Ask for forgiveness, for all the harm you’ve caused to others and come on, none of us are perfect. Ask Christ to find you and come into your heart and after ten minutes you should, if you’re sincere, be in a flood of tears as the memories flood back. Try this for a few days and you won’t experience a conversion on the road to Damascus and the sky won’t explode with stars. Instead, you will find a deep lasting peace and contentment of such magnitude it will knock you over! You will know.

It will also start to change you as well. It will humble you and lessen the desire for materialism. Be very sure that no one is going to remember you for that great guy who worked 12 hour shifts 7 days a week for long, but you will be remembered for a lifetime by the person you once went out of your way to help out and you’ll find an increasing sense of content in continuing to do that.

We are all of us on a journey and all of us are alone with only Christ to guide us. I’m a newbie here so I don’t know how these posts are going to go down. If there’s enough interest I’m happy to go on. This is my second post, the first is:




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