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Missing my baby Amber


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Hi all,am Veronica,am 25 years old,and I need to tell my history.

I've had misscarriage on 2014,at 2 months.Very hard to accept, I been sad for yeats,trying to accept it. 3 years later I get pregnant again,I never was more happy in my life. Everything was ok,I was incredibly happy,at 28 weeks I have an emergency c section,and Amber is born,a beautiful healthy baby girl. Weighting 1kg 375gr. She was born and she spent 2 months in the neonatal unit,where she was well looked after and where she fought for her life every day. After all,the day became and I got Amber home,suddently she started to feel unwell,took her to A&E and doctor said to me she was fine,and sent me home,the morning after,she passed away.

Is been almost 3 months without Amber,and recently we got her autopsy results,she died of undiagnosed meningitis. I miss my baby every minute of my life,and Idk how to deal with this,is breaking me apart and my marriage aswell,I miss her so much,but I can't open up to anyone. Help guys,need to meet people who is been or is throught the same storm as me,as I feel alone in this dark world.

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