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Pressure Ulcer Coccyx Stage lV

Nicole-my grief journey

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Nicole-my grief journey

Love to everyone on this page. I hope it’s ok to post this under this forum of losing a parent. I am desperate for any experience some of you may or may not had...

Has anyone experienced helping parent with a stage lV coccyx pressure ulcer? My mother has developed this during her month long Hospital stay. I already have anticipatory grief because she has colon cancer metastasis. But originally, she was to receive several rounds of chemo and they said it was not curable, but treatable (which doesn’t exactly tell me how long they thought they may prolong her life).

She only received one round of chemo before us taking her to ER for full blockage and emergency surgery. A week later, she perforated and had another surgery. She was entered into the surgical ICU. The nurse noted her skin was red and irritated and asked for an air bed, but didn’t explain why. It took two days to get the air bed. We never were specifically told to watch or help do anything and we’re unaware this could happen to her. I feel the hospital should have disclosed more info.  Jump to three weeks later and now it is a stage lV! Lots more happened in those three weeks with blood transfusions, tachycardia, two ileostomy surgeries and on and on...Where I thought that my mom might down the line, succumb to her cancer, I am now more concerned about this pressure ulcer and insurance denying her LTAC (long term acute care) to get better. Do people get better with a pressure ulcer that bad? Or is she now in the possibility of dying from this?! I am advocating to get her to different facility, but I wanted to know if any of you have had this experience with decubitus pressure ulcer stage lll and lV? If so, what did you, or the Dr’s do and did it heal? 


Thanks, Nicole

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