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How to visit Disney Land with kids and don't go crazy


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Hello. My name is Agness. I've been to Disney Land with my family not long ago. I'm married and we have a small daughter Anny. We've been walking whole day, our little girl bought the whole Disney Land. And after a long day, there was a feeling of heaviness or pain in the legs and in the head. I was really exhausted. The feeling is quite unpleasant and brings discomfort. At these moments I mainly wanted to lie down and relax. There are many different ways to let your feet rest. And of course, I know some secrets. I often keep my feet in cool water, in water with sea salt. Also, I use special creams, I do or make trays or baths with special components. And after the baths, I use a foot massager. It well enhances the effect of other means. Since I do the pedicure by myself, I visit salon rarely. The massager my master pedicure advised me and I began to look for a shop where I can buy it. Then I've noticed one source , started to explore it and it was really useful. Due to fairly accurate characteristics, I spent only 2 hours to choose it. Now my weekdays are much more pleasant and easier. I'm going to give the same massager to my mom, as she is a pharmacist and she is always on her feet.

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