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Talking Helps 03/02/2016 00:41 AM

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Is there a set time?

By ModKonnie
On a cold, wet February day, a 25-year-old pregnant woman was just starting her daily routine. She had fixed her children breakfast, got one on the school bus, and spent a few minutes on Facebook, catching up with friends. While her two-year-old was occupied with a show, she decided to take a quick shower. She even left the door open for her son to wander in if he needed her. That normal day turned into a nightmare for her family and friends. Somehow, she slipped in the shower, broke her neck and drowned. In the shock and horror of the days following the tragedy, her family and friends were filled with confusion. Conversation centered on why these kinds of things happen, and whether a person’s passing is part of a bigger plan. We decided to ask our members what they thought. On our Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/mygriefsupport , we asked the question, “Do you believe we have a set time here on earth, and when it is finished there is nothing we can do to stop death?” Our members had a variety of answers, and some of them believed there is a set time, some believed there isn’t and some held mixed views. Karla, Isabelle, Stacy and Rick agreed there is a set time. Hope shared a story about believing in a planned time: “One wonderful Christian friend of mine, who was 80 years old, was delighted when she had a heart attack and heard that she might be popping off at any time. She is rearing to go, even though she has had a wonderful life here,” she said. “To some, this may sound negative and depressing, but to us, not a bit. My point is that when you are ready to go, whether because of an illness or an undying faith in the afterlife, it can be easier to let go. Tragedies and sudden deaths are absolutely horrible, and please don't feel as though I'm advocating them. I think sometimes the pain left by death resonates further, to the loved ones left behind to question.” Norma also thought there is a set time for us to be on this Earth. “Sometimes, yes I do believe, and, sometimes, I hope not. We know for sure we will all die, so it is always just a matter of when. I believe we can do things to help extend our life, but there are no guarantees,” she said. “Even as people lose children, it is possible to believe they came into the world to impact lives and were taken once that was complete--even at an early age. My dad always said that when your number is up, there is nothing you can do. Remembering that helps me believe he is at peace, even when I’m not.”Celeste, Gene and Colleen, on the other hand, disagreed there is a set time to our life here. “No, I do not believe this, “said Colleen. “Having lost a child in a stupid, preventable accident, I don't believe in a pre-ordained time of death, and it angers me when people have told me ‘it was his time to go.’ No, it was not. He had a full life to live, so much he could have given, and it was cut short. Bad stuff just happens (and good things too!), and it's up to us to try and respond as best we can and live life fully.”Others had mixed feelings, including Mitchell. He said, “I have thought about this a lot because I lost my boy almost six years ago at the age of 18. I’m not sure…. I wish someone could convince me.”The question stirred up some very emotional responses, and many people referred to massive school shootings or tragedies when offering their responses. If you would like to join in this conversation or others, please share on our Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/mygriefsupport , or on our forums, www.Grieving.com. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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