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My sweet Lenny is missing


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Our sweet kitty Lenny is missing and it is breaking my heart. He’s been gone for 7 days now. Honestly, I have lost hope that he will return because of confirmed coyotes sightings near our street. And all I can do is beat myself up because I should NOT have let him out so early in the AM. And I should have tried harder to build a catio for him. I took a chance with his life and I lost. And now I just keep imagining his sweet body lifeless and it breaks my heart…Because Lenny was such a special cat… he loved belly rubs, played fetch, loved to toss a Q-tip around and chased ping pong balls. He also liked to cuddle. He was a very very special kitty. And only a few weeks from turning one year old. I miss him so much. I know time heals but I’m also hoping talking about him  and sharing him with others will help. 



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I am so sorry, I went through the same thing 6/3/16 with my Miss Mocha.  She was so beautiful, so sweet, so brave!  I got to have her 10 1/2 years and don't know how old she was when I got her, I assumed maybe 2-4, she was already spayed, I think someone drove up here (I live in the mountains/country) and just abandoned her, she was living in the top of my garage for a couple of months before I realized she was homeless and took her in.  She never would have left on her own accord, she loved it here.  Of all the places/families around here, she picked ME!  She got along so well with the dogs I had in her life.  She adored Lucky (whippet) and followed her around, imitating her like Pied Piper.  She had a black heart shaped nose and blue eyes, tiny little feminine meow, and she was a shameless hussy/flirt with men!  :D  I figure a cougar got her because I was outside all day, it was 6 am when we went out, broad daylight, I never heard a thing...cougars are very stealth/quiet.

We go through all of the "what ifs" in early grief, trying to find a different possible ending because the one that happened is too hard to process.  We want a do-over.  It's hard to forbid them to go outside when they've come to us used to it.  Cat's can be relentless with their insistence, very vocal about it.  I never let her out at night.

I hope this is of help to you:

A Dangerous Villain: Guilt

I hope this short video brings you some comfort and peace.


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