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Another loss


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Hello, I am new and finally getting on a grieving cite to hopefully help. My husband and I got pregnant in January of 2020 every thing was fine until July and the doctors told me that I was loosing fluid around the baby. I was admitted to the hospital on July 28th and they told me I would have to have an emergency csection. I had Drake they let me see him for a sec and then handed him to my husband and tried to rush Drake to get him to neo care. On the way Drake passed away in my husbands arms. Drake was healthy and nothing wrong with him. They told us it would never happen again. My regular OB told us we would have to wait a year before we could even try to start having kids again. So when the time came we started trying again. It didn’t take long and we were excited! 5 weeks in and I started spotting and the doc said everything was ok. A couple of days later while visiting my sister n law and nephew I started bleeding heavily and had to rush back home to the hospital. The put me on bed rest and told me it could be early stages of miscarriage. At 1:30 am I went to the bathroom and the baby came out. I called my OB and they didn’t seem that concerned that I just miscarried. I feel like I will never get to be a mom and I feel like I did something, but I know I didn't do anything to hurt the baby. I know my husband is traumatized by our first babies death in his own arms. I want him to be able to hear our kids say daddy. 

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I’m really sorry that you guys went through this. I lost my 6 month baby boy November 2021, and everyday I feel the pain and some days I feel the pain will suffocate me. I really wish there was something I could do for you. Sending lots of love and virtual hug mama. 

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