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How Do You Deal With Moving In w/Family Now?

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It's been a week now since I lost my husband. Sometime in the next month or so I will be moving in with my brother and his wife and 2 teenagers. I will not only have to adjust to living in a new state and not having my own place but my sister in-law is somewhat of a shopaholic/hoarder and although we get along, it has not always been the easiest relationship. I will be (unless I qualify for Medicaid) totally dependent on them financially. I have a rare illness that requires me to be on oxygen 24/7 and a lot of meds. I am losing my health insurance. My brother says he might be able to put me on his plan as a dependent. And so I am very very grateful to him and his wife. I am very fortunate to have them. I am lucky to not be homeless and on the street. But still, I can't deny that this is going to be difficult -for both of them as well as for myself. All the while grieving the loss of my husband. I hope to not be more than a bother or burden to my brother and his family than I already am. Any suggestions on how to cope with it or stories you can share about your own experience(s) with this will be welcomed. I can see I might need to make a notebook for all the categories of dealing with grief and stress and facing new challenges. 

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23 hours ago, reader said:

Dear tnd,

How are things going?

reader:  Thank you for asking. I am currently living with a family who very generously have taken me in until I get approved for Widows Benefits. Keep reading. I plan to start a new thread about this but one that everyone who is grieving while also going through stress can post. I don't want the new thread to be just about me. I am hoping others who can either relate or needing to talk about their own stress and grief will also post.   

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