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My finance passed away 6/4/19

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Though it will be 2  years since my finance passed away come 6/4/21 n my heart is still aching horribly beyond words he passed away right in front of me I watch his health decline fast Dennis my finance was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver 4/27/17 n passed away on 6/4/19 when i think of certain things that Dennis & i use to do  it's just an emotional trigger 4 me n tears roll down my checks I don't have many friends that I can talk 2 who will understand what I've been through n how hard it's 4 me n what am still going thorough and  I had 2 call his sister at 3am n tell her that her brother passed a way. I still struggle to get through days n move on n live my life. After my finance passed I moved back in with my mom & became her caretaker her health isn't that good she has copd n has had pneumonia n is on oxygen 24/7  I gave up alot to take care of my mom I have no help thgogh my brother does come over on the weekends n goes shopping 4 mom n does things around the house am looking 4 someone who can understand what I've been through n what am still going through Dennis was 66 years of age when he passed n we talked about spending the rest of our lifes together n fixing up the house we where at Dennis use 2 live in Dunedin but sold his place n we moved up 2 Marion County Dunnellon we had deer in the back yard n we feed then n we lived a few blocks from Rainbow river n use 2 go fishing n he was proud of me when I caught a fish n we use 2 go 2 the flea market every weekend  I miss the us that use 2 b though we weren't married we where together for 9 & a half years. When we 1st met he was a trucker n I went with him on the road n loved seeing the beautiful sunsets n sunraises n I also saw the moon come up n loved going through the snow covered mountain there r so many things I miss doing sorry 4 the long post reply

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So sorry about your loss, haveyou gone to therapy?Do you have family you can talk with?

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