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Losing my Sister in law

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Hello everyone I am new here and I wanted to find a place that I could share my story with and find some kind of comfort because this is my first big loss. My sister in law passed away March 25, 2021 it was a very unexpected death. She was part of our everyday life she was my baby’s caregiver and she was the backbone of the family. My husband lost his mom at a young age so his older sister stepped in and became a mother figure in his life. She was 36 when she passed and I have so many questions. She had plans she was on a weight loss journey and was never sick or showed any signs that something was wrong. They said it was a heart attack but why did she have to die? Why couldn’t she survive it...she never had any health issues. I know only god knows why but this was too soon :( it has left a huge hole in my heart I think about her everyday and I want her to be free in heaven she was a woman of god and always spoke about the love she had for Jesus. She always used to say she couldn’t wait for Jesus to return! It just really hurts and it’s something I did not think I would be going through because it happened so sudden and that’s what kills me. But I know she wouldn’t want me to be this way and I have my moments. Her spirit is definitely strong and I will continue to live life with the wonderful memories she left. Thank you 

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Dear Christy,

I am so sorry for your loss. Your sister-in-law sounded like a wonderful, kind and generous person. It is unfathomable that she would have a heart attack and pass so early. It's normal and natural to feel sad and miss her. Grief is not a linear experience. We all try and get through each day as best we can. It's hard. It sounds like are you doing your best to honor her memory and to carry as she would have wanted.

Please know we are with you.

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