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Lost mother and afraid I'm losing my son

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Shortly after my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my son who has been diabetic since he was 9 yr. Now 30. Became ill, went to the hospital, released with diagnosis of flu. The next day, he felt worse. I said if it gets bad please go back in. He did the following morning. He called me and said they kept him with pneumonia. I asked that when he got settled for him to call me. 4 hrs later, nothing. I called the hospital and was put on hold, a nurse answered "SICU" I told her who my son was, she asked if I had spoken to anyone yet??? No. Why? My son went into acute respiratory distress. They had to intubate him, place him in a medically induced coma. I rushed there, informing family on the way. This was approx. 2 wks. Prior to America testing for covid. We know now it was lost likely covid. 3 days later, they woke him up and had to put him right back asleep because was unable to breathe well enough on his own yet. 2 more days and they woke him again. This time he was showing signs of a stroke. He lost complete vision in right eye and partial in left. Has been in a wheelchair since. Almost a month ago, he felt ill again. Went in, tonsillitis, 2 more days, he felt worse. Went back, WBC was 4x normal. And his hemoglobin was real low. Admit, look for internal bleeding, started vancomycin for whatever infection, unknown still. And he then got COVID AGAIN IN HOSPITAL. They have given an obscene amount of meds, his kidneys have now failed, rushed with dialysis, now they say one of his feet isn't the same color as normal blood clot likely. He has not been calling me poke he normally would. He has been having hallucinations, he's scared, I'm terrified, and I am unable to visit him and haven't seen him in a month! While he is suffering alone. I am a nervous wreck and just want to be there for him. I hate COVID. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I feel like if I can be there, he will come out ok. If not, and I lose him. I don't think I will be ok

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Dear Robin,

I'm so sorry to hear what your son has gone through. (((hugs))) 

Is there anyway the doctors and nurses can make an exception for you to see your son? Have they tried to help with FaceTime or Zoom? 

I hope the hospital can offer you some additional supports. Everything has been so difficult with the pandemic. 

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

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