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Loss of brother and dad

Michael moore

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Michael moore

So just over 2 years ago I was at work and received a phone call from my dad that my brother had died of a heart attack over night, he had alcohol problems but had recently been to the doctor's for a check up and was told he was perfectly healthy he was getting the drink problem under control and things were looking up and then this happend what makes it worst is that he had been complaining of chest pains and tingling in his left arm but we just put it down to his drink problem, now the guilt is almost unbearable even 2 years later I should of saved him. My brother was my best friend and we shared a lot of hard times and helped each other through some tough times and the one person who could of helped me was now gone.  If Im truthfull I have never recovered from his death, then just over a year later we found out my dad had cancer which he lost the battle and me and my sister spent his last 3 days by his bed side watching him slowly die, this was just before the very first lockdown due to covid which we then had to deal with, I had a partner who never really supported me and wasn't even home when me and my sister left the hospital on the day my dad died,. What made it worst was my partner had a horific relationship with her husband where he abuses both her and her kids, but I turned my world upside down to help her to the extent of barely seeing my family including my dad and brother, then just a month ago she left me because I was too depressed and she couldn't handle my depression.

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Dear Michael,

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is devastating to lose a beloved brother and father in a short time. There are so many raw emotions and it's important to get additional supports. I hope these links will help.



For myself, I also found these websites helpful

Grief in Common

Grief Share

Grief Healing Blog

Thinking of you.

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