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Need our old normal and out of isolation


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I don't know how everyone else is doing, I really need to get back to some normal life this year.    I was just getting comfortable dating at the start of last year when Covid hit and now have been mostly isolated for a year.   I talk with my grown children at least once a week and have my first grandchild on the way.  We did social distance meals outside until last fall.  Now with spring I hope to resume those.

This winter I missed my wife more than ever, if she was still here it would have been much easier.    We were married for 32 years until cancer took her nearly 15 years ago.   We married at age 20 and had known each other since her first day at a new school right after Christmas vacation in the 1st grade.   She was assigned the seat behind me and when lunch time came I noticed she didn't have a lunch.  I asked her why she didn't have a lunch and she said she forgot it at home.   I offered to share my lunch with her, a short time later her mom showed up with her lunch and told her she could share part of her lunch with me if I was still hungry.  Years later I found out her mother thought "what a nice little boy, I hope Kate marries someone like this little boy someday".  

It took a long time for me to feel like dating again and then a number of failed tries to not feel like I was "cheating" on Kate.  While I was not in a relationship a year ago, there was someone that had caught my eye.  We had limited contact in a volunteer group.  The group/organization has put all activities on hold.  I hope they startup soon again.

I know I cannot be alone in feelings of isolation. 





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Dear Roger,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It really helps to know none of us are alone in our feelings. Many of us feel the same way and miss the connections we have by going out and being with people.

I hope there are some Zoom get togethers that are bridging the gap. 

Take care and now that we are here with you.

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